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Books - Mary: Books on the Blessed Virgin Mary, Marian Devotion, Marian Shrines and Apparitions of Our Lady
Marian Devotion
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Marian Prayer Book

Marian Prayer Book     

A collection of classic prayers to Mary bound in imitation leather. This beautiful selection includes: All the most familiar and well-loved prayers; Prayers from approved Marian Apparitions; Marian prayers from the Eastern Church; Marian Hymns; and many more, all contained in one attractively-bound volume. The blue imitation leather cover adds beauty and durability to the book, which is a treasury of prayer to the Mother of God that will surely be a much-cherished companion. [more details...]
112 pages.

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Let Yourself be Led by the Immaculate

NEW Let Yourself be Led by the Immaculate      St Maximilian Kolbe

True devotion to Mary according to St Maximilian Kolbe in his very own words. Learn True Marian Devotion from one of the Greatest Marian Saints of All Time! Everyone has heard of St. Maximilian Kolbe, but few know who he really is. Offering his life for another was simply the crowning end to a life lived in service of the Immaculate, and in this short collection of his words, he teaches us how to truly desire and obtain that same love which burned in his heart. Pulling from numerous sources, all taken from St. Maximilian Kolbe's own words, this little book considers: Prayer; The Mediation of Mary; Our Lives as an Instrument in Her Hands; The Divine Will and Our Own Will; Obedience; The Practice of Marian Devotion; Overcoming Discouragement; Peace of Soul; Childlike Devotion to Mary; Becoming Mary; Missionary Zeal. If you are looking for a source of meditation on Mary, and a book that will help you to become closer to her Immaculate Heart, then this is it. You will return to this book again and again to help bring a Marian focus to your daily life, using the words of this saint to truly fall in love with Mary, and to take up her standard as your own. The modern world finds Mary and devotion to Mary to be uncomfortable. St. Maximilian Kolbe, in this short collection, shows that there is no other way to please God but through this total devotion to Mary. [more details...]
Paperback, 69 pages.

Code: B2180        £6.50      Add to Order

Little Book of the Blessed Virgin Mary

NEW Little Book of the Blessed Virgin Mary      Fr Raoul Plus SJ

Watching Jesus grow daily in wisdom and grace, the Blessed Virgin Mary pondered in her heart the secrets of her divine Son. Because Our Lady watched Christ grow each and every day, she created the most valuable manual of Christian perfection that can be had: her own heart. When from the Cross Jesus said, “Behold your mother,” He invited us to read that manual — the book of the heart of Mary — wherein are found the secrets of the King. Unfortunately, few of Mary’s words have come down to us, so we must read her heart as she read the heart of Jesus. We must ponder not only her words, but also the events of her life — her attitudes, her actions, and even her silence. By imitating Our Lady, our lives — like hers — may also come to be full of grace. In The Little Book of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Fr. Raoul Plus helps us do just that, opening for us the book of the heart of Mary in the simplest yet most vivid ways. In pages filled with great devotion and penetrating wisdom, he moves us past modern misunderstandings and clichés about Mary into an encounter with the woman who was so remarkable that God Himself made her His spouse! The Little Book of the Blessed Virgin Mary will awaken in you the thoughts and emotions that lead to deeper union with Mary and with her beloved son, Jesus. [more details...]
Paperback, 128 pages.

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See also How to Pray Well, by Fr Raoul Plus

Devotion to the Blessed Virgin

Devotion to the Blessed Virgin      Bishop Jaques Benigne Bossuet

Translated by F. M. Capes. With an Introduction by Rev. William T. Gordon - Priest of the London Oratory. The great and learned Jacques Benigne Bossuet, Bishop of Meaux in France, was the author of many works, most prominent among them the Continuity of Religion, a compact history of the world from a Catholic perspective. This book is a translation of his sermons given on all of the principal feasts of Our Lady throughout the year. His profound knowledge of the scriptures and his excellent theological training combined with a deep love for the Mother of God was productive of these powerful insights and thoughts about the Theotokos. From Bossuet’s teaching we learn that, to quote Cardinal Manning’s words, “the titles of honour given to Mary are not metaphors but truths—they express, not poetical or rhetorical ideas, but true and living relations between her and her Divine Son and between her and ourselves.” [more details...]
Paperback, 164 pages.

Code: B1971        £9.99      Add to Order

Mary and the Rosary

Mary and the Rosary      Hugh Clarke, O.Carm

In the Light of the Apostolic Letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae of Pope John Paul II October 16th, 2002. A Carmelite Friars commentary on the Rosary devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary inspired by Pope John Paul II's letter "Rosarium Virginis Mariae". [more details...]
Paperback, 37 pages.

Code: B1969        £3.25      Add to Order

The World’s First Love

The World’s First Love      Archbishop Fulton J Sheen

Fulton J. Sheen, who is, at once, both eloquent and brilliant, tells the story of Mary and examines Marian dogma from the perspective of Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, the Fathers of the Church and from Papal pronouncements. It is a moving portrayal. Sheen plunges the depths of Marian spirituality, history, philosophy and theology. He presents meditations on the Immaculate Conception, the mysteries of the Holy Rosary, the miracle of Fatima, Mary and the devotion that Muslims have to Our Lady of Fatima, and much more. Archbishop Sheen highlights the dignity, strength and gifts of women and their ability to help heal the world’s problems with Mary as the model of Christian discipleship and perfection. He shows the truth that our Holy Mother the Church teaches us that it is Mary who “alone destroys all heresies throughout the whole world.” [more details...]
Paperback, 284 pages.

Code: B1881        £12.95
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Our Lady Book

Our Lady Book      Fr F X Lasance

This book was Fr. Lasance's effort to "cultivate among the faithful a tender and practical devotion to Our Lady." Part I, Reflections, consists of meditations of her life, mediations for the month of May, and meditations also for every day of the year. Part II, Prayers and Devotions, includes Mass devotions for Our Lady, Litanies, Stations of the Cross, devotions for Communion, Confession, Vespers, and a wealth of other devotions to the Blessed Mother. Black hardbound with gold embossed lettering. [more details...]
Paperback, 711 pages.

Code: B1860        £27.95      Add to Order

The Litany of Loreto

The Litany of Loreto      Rt. Rev. Charles Renfrew

The famous Marian litany and its meaning. This litany to the Blessed Virgin Mary was first used in the mid-16th century at the Italian shrine from which its name derives. Now considered a classic text of Marian devotion, the Litany of Loreto is an opportunity to draw closer to Jesus' mother through seeing her as the greatest example of the Christian life. This booklet, as well as containing the full text of the actual litany, also looks closely at the many titles used to describe Our Blessed Lady and how their meaning can help us to live as she did, ever open to God's plan. [more details...]
Paperback, 144 pages.

Code: B1951        £2.95      Add to Order

Dictionary of Mary

Dictionary of Mary     

Revised Expanded Edition. A superb source book about Mary, written by foremost Marian scholars defines Mary's place in the Church and in the life of Christians, her titles, her authenticated appearances, her shrines, her relationship with her Son Jesus as well as to the Father and the Holy Spirit. 5.5" x 8.25". This popular book, available once again! [more details...]
Paperback, 552 pages.

Code: B0182        £8.95      Add to Order

Who Are You, O Immaculata?

Who Are You, O Immaculata?      Father Karl Stehlin

Father Stehlin quotes extensively from Saint John Eudes, Cornelius a'Lapidé, Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity, Saint Maximilian Kolbe, and Lucia of Fatima. This treatise is one of the most succinct and clear explanations of the complete economy of salvation ever penned. The full role of the Immaculata is explored and refined, and its relevance to the world in our time is detailed in an easy to read and understand format. This is militant Catholic theology made simple for this Marian age. [more details...]
Paperback, 248 pages.

Code: B1620        £10.50      Add to Order

On the Immaculate Conception

On the Immaculate Conception      Dom Prosper Gueranger

Four years before the Solemn Definition of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception in 1854, Dom Guéranger published his monumental work, Mémoire sur la Question de l’Immaculée Conception de la Très Sainte Vierge. With characteristic zeal and his outstanding sensus Ecclesiæ, he wished to share an enthusiasm and conviction which had been his since his seminary days. This first ever English translation of the work is published as a collaboration between the Benedictine nuns of St Cecilia’s Abbey, Ryde, and the monks of St Michael’s Abbey, Farnborough, to mark both the 150th anniversary of the solemn proclamation of the dogma and the bi-centenary of the birth of Dom Guéranger. [more details...]
Paperback, 128 pages.

Code: B1493        £13.95
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All Generations will call me Blessed

All Generations will call me Blessed      Jim McManus

Jim McManus' book will introduce Mary to those who do not yet know her, and deepen the understanding of many who already know and love this woman "full of grace". Beginning from the scriptural portrayal of the mother of Jesus, the author considers Mary in the history of the Church, in doctrine, and in public and private devotion. [more details...]
Paperback, 208 pages.

Code: B1717        £10.95      Add to Order

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Our Lady of Perpetual Help      Rev Francis J Connell, CSSR

This beautiful history of the famous painting of Our Lady of Perpetual Help was translated from the original Italian by Fr. Francis J. Connell, C.SS.R. and originally published in 1940. Tradition holds that the original of this miraculous painting was created by Saint Luke the Evangelist (The original was destroyed by the Moslem invaders who conquered Constantinople in 1453. It had been venerated there since the 5th century.) and that the most famous copy of it is now in Rome. This is the story of that painting. [more details...]
Paperback, 41 pages.

Code: B1421        £4.95      Add to Order

The Admirable Heart of Mary

The Admirable Heart of Mary      St John Eudes

One of the most prolific ascetical writers of the seventeenth century, Saint John Eudes was an inexhaustible reservoir of holy wisdom and devotional fervour. Eudes reveals to his disciples this most pure and maternal of all hearts both in its corporal and spiritual pulsations, while demonstrating with a dozen unforgettable natural and scriptural analogies, how this human heart was so inexhaustibly divinized by the one Divine Heart of God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The Admirable Heart of Mary was given to us from the Cross by Jesus Christ. Truly this heart was the first-fruit of His Passion, given to all of Mary’s children, that it might be honoured, cherished, invoked and, ultimately, with that of her Son, reproduced in them. This is the essence of the spirituality of Saint John Eudes. [more details...]
Paperback, 336 pages.

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The Miraculous Medal: the many sides of the Miraculous Medal

The Miraculous Medal: the many sides of the Miraculous Medal      Booklet

The Many Sides of the Miraculous Medal. "Have a medal struck of My image, all those who wear it will receive great graces". Our Lord to Catherine Labore. Includes Novena and Consecration. [more details...]
Paperback, 16 pages.

Code: B0178        £1.95      Add to Order

The Story of the Miraculous Medal

The Story of the Miraculous Medal      Armando Alexandre dos Santos

When Our Lady appeared in 1830 to a humble religious of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul in Paris, no one could have imagined that, in a few years, the Miraculous Medal revealed during this apparition would become the most widespread medal of all time. The symbols on the medal admirably condense the great truths Holy Mother Church teaches us about Our Lady: the Mediation, the Co-redemption, the divine and spiritual Maternity, the Royalty, and, moreover, the Immaculate Conception. To those who use the Miraculous Medal with devotion and a spirit of faith, Our Lady continues to grant abundant graces, as well as special protection in cases of sickness, accidents, assault, unemployment, economic problems, etc. [more details...]
Paperback, 78 pages.

Code: B1428        £7.95      Add to Order

The Miraculous Medal

The Miraculous Medal      Jean Marie Aladel, CM

The principal author of this book, Father Aladel, was a member of the Congregation of the Mission founded by Saint Vincent de Paul. More importantly, he was the spiritual director and confessor of Saint Catherine Laboure. The Miraculous Medal was designed by the Mother of God and communicated by her to Sister Catherine with the instruction that this devotion be spread throughout the Church. The inscription: O Mary conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse to thee, anticipated the definition of the Immaculate Conception by nearly a quarter of a century. This book relates not only the heavenly visitations given to this humble saint, as well as her adventures and crosses endured for Our Lady’s cause, but also it gives the ensuing history of the medal itself with many accounts of miracles which accompanied its pious reception. [more details...]
Paperback, 227 pages.

Code: B1422        £8.95   £11.95      Add to Order

Our Lady of the Place.  Mary in the history and in the life of Carmel.

Our Lady of the Place. Mary in the history and in the life of Carmel.      Emanuele Boaga, O. Carm

This volume brings together a number of lectures by Fr. Boaga, who is President of the Carmelite Institute in Rome and an expert in Carmelite history and spirituality. This book which is beautifully illustrated with a useful guide for those who wish to study, reflect and appropiate whatever relates to Her whom Carmelites invoke and experience as Patroness, Mother and Sister. [more details...]
Paperback, 224 pages.

Code: B0601        £19.50      Add to Order

Loreto and the Holy House

Loreto and the Holy House      Rev G E Phillips

This history of the Holy House of Loreto is the most decisive work in English defending the authenticity of this most hallowed shrine in all Christendom. Our Lady’s Holy House at Nazareth was taken by angels to Dalmatia (Croatia) in 1291 to prevent its desecration by the infidels. Three years later it took flight again to rest in Loreto, Italy, where it remains. Rev. Phillips provides the facts, and excitement behind the story. Many cures, apparitions, and miraculous conversions, have happened within the limestone walls of the Santa Casa. [more details...]
Paperback, 151 pages.

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The Life of Mary as seen by the Mystics

The Life of Mary as seen by the Mystics      Raphael Brown

A masterpiece combining into one coherent story the visions of four great Catholic mystics about the life of Mary. Based on the accounts of Venerable Mary of Agreda, Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich, St. Bridget of Sweden and St. Elizabeth of Schoenau. A truly unique book that reads like a masterfully written biography of Mary. In complete harmony with the Gospel story. [more details...]
Paperback, 264 pages.

Code: B1110        £13.95      Add to Order

The Story of Mary - Mother of Love

The Story of Mary - Mother of Love      E Mary Christie

May this tribute to the Blessed Virgin Mary fire your imagination, dear Reader, so that you may more readliy become caught up in the magic of those joyful and glorious mysteries to be marveled at - or share in the more emotional moments of those sorrwoful mysteries surrounding the Passion, Crucifixion and Death of our beloved Savior, thereby encouraging you to meditation and a desire for contemplative prayer, and inspiring you to a deeper spiritual devotion to Our Lord and His Blessed Mother. "The Christian story is a holy story. It invites fascination and awe, and thus has been told and retold countless times. As long as there will be human beings yearning for redeeming love, its fascination will not fade but will prevail. And as long as people of good will are contemplating the grandeur of God become one of us, this Good News will be a truly awe-inspiring message. Who better than Mary to lead us into the depth of these fascinating and awesome mysteries? E. Mary Christie, drawing on biblical and other early sources, matured in personal meditation and reflection, tells the story of this great woman whose one and only purpose in life was, and still is, to lead us to her Son. Indeed, the Story of Mary - Mother of Love, is a contemplative narrative pondering the life of the Mother of Jesus Christ with both fascination and awe." - Rev. Johann G. Roten, S.M., Director, The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute at the University of Dayton. [more details...]
Paperback, 135 pages.

Code: B1558        £12.99      Add to Order

See How She Loves Us

See How She Loves Us      Joan Carroll Cruz

50 Approved Apparitions of Our Lady is an amazing collection of apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary from best-selling TAN author Joan Carroll Cruz. Ranging across twenty-three countries and two millennia the visions chronicled here show Mary's deep love for mankind, her Son, and the Church. Joan Carroll Cruz has meticulously researched fifty apparitions of Our Lady. Discover lesser known apparitions like Our Lady of La Vang in Vietnam and Our Lady of Las Lajas in Columbia, and learn more about the visions of Mary at Fatima, Lourdes, and Guadalupe. Approved by the local bishops or the Vatican, these miracles show Mary's great love for man, her constant intercession on our behalf, and her role as protector of the Church. Perfect for Catholics and non-Catholics alike, See How She Loves Us sheds light on the many mysteries of the Catholic Church and Catholics love for the Blessed Mother. [more details...]

Code: B1987        £14.50      Add to Order

Miraculous Images of Our Lady: One hundred famous Catholic portraits and statues

Miraculous Images of Our Lady: One hundred famous Catholic portraits and statues      Joan Carroll Cruz

Here are 100 true stories of Church-approved miraculous statues, paintings and other images of Our Lady from all parts of the globe, including images that have spoken, have brought miraculous cures and other special favours, have given off a celestial fragrance, have wept blood and tears. With scores of pictures, including beautiful colour plates, this amazing book by best-selling author, demonstrates the Blessed Mother's maternal love and protection for her children. [more details...]
Paperback, 435 pages.

Code: B0185        £17.50      Add to Order

Mary Day by Day

Mary Day by Day      Rev Charles G. Fehrenback, C.SS.R.

Marian Meditations for every day taken from the Holy Bible and the writings of Saints. [more details...]

Code: B0359        £8.50      Add to Order

Hail Holy Queen

Hail Holy Queen      Scott Hahn

This book offers a surprising perspective on Mary that comes from an exposition of the scriptural texts, that will stimulate discussion amongst Catholics and Protestants alike. [more details...]

Code: B0109        £10.95      Add to Order

Will You Help Her? Handbook of Devotion to Our Lady

Will You Help Her? Handbook of Devotion to Our Lady      Val Conlon

To Jesus through Mary! A wonderful Marian Handbook of Devotion, complete with most important prayers to Mary, Basic Christian Doctrine, 7 Days of Prayer with Our Lady Queen of Peace and a great spiritual insight into Medjugorje apparitions. [more details...]
Paperback, 134 pages.

Code: B1366        £4.50      Add to Order

The Wondrous Childhood of the Most Holy Mother of God

The Wondrous Childhood of the Most Holy Mother of God      St John Eudes

Saint John Eudes wrote these profoundly affective pages not only for the educators of young Christian women in his own time but for all time. What better example for the education of Catholic maidens than the most admirable early life of Mary, the "glory of Israel," as she advanced in wisdom and grace in the days of her preparation for her divine maternity. Father Eudes wishes the faithful to behold the "New Eve," conceived of such holy parents, Joachim and Anne, and reflect upon her perfect charity, her manifold virtues and her uninterrupted contemplation from the moment of her Immaculate Conception to her consuming "fiat," which truly compelled, in a most wonderful way, the Son of God to come and "rest within her tabernacle." This study of the holy child-hood of the Mother of God is exactly what the title says. To be sure, other works, based upon private revelation, treat of the Blessed Virgin's early years, but there is no book that specifically treats of the holiness itself of the wondrous child, accumulating its mass of material from the inspired revelation of the sacred scriptures, the liturgical use of the same (as applied by the Church to Our Lady's feastdays) and the common testimony of our Catholic fathers and doctors. [more details...]
Paperback, 290 pages.

Code: B1520        £13.50      Add to Order

Hail Holy Queen: An explanation of the Salve Regina

Hail Holy Queen: An explanation of the Salve Regina      St Alphonsus Liguori

The first and best part of St Alphonsus Liguori's masterpiece, The Glories of Mary. Based on the words of the Salve Regina (Hail Holy Queen) - this book explains why Mary is "our life, our sweetness and our hope". [more details...]
Paperback, 236 pages.

Code: B0184        £8.50      Add to Order

The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin - HB

The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin - HB      Saint Louis-Marie De Montfort

True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin is one of the greatest and most celebrated books ever written about Our Lady. Praised by popes, mystics and theologians, this profound and powerful book presents Mary as the essential and infallible key to the heart of Jesus. Nowhere will you find a deeper and more life-changing book on that quintessentially Catholic doctrine: the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the life of the Christian and the life of the Church. Unpublished during the saint’s life time, it has enjoyed the endorsement of the many outstanding popes the Church has been blessed with since its discovery in 1842. John Paul II, in particular, was its tireless champion, crediting True Devotion with a turning-point in his spiritual life, adopting his motto, Totus tuus, from St. Louis. The key to De Montfort’s Marian spirituality is that he considered Our Lady to be the infallible and chosen gate to the heart of Christ – To Jesus through Mary: it is Christ Himself Who is at the centre of True Devotion. [more details...]
Hardback, 176 pages.

Code: B1413        £12.95      Add to Order

True Devotion to Mary

True Devotion to Mary      St Louis de Montfort

with Preparation for Total Consecration. Translated by Fr Frederick Faber. Considered by many to be the greatest single book of Marian spirituality ever written, True Devotion to Mary, is St Louis de Montfort's classic statement on the spiritual way to Jesus Christ though the Blessed Virgin Mary. In this beautiful and sublimely inspiring book, de Montfort explains the wonderful spiritual effects which true devotion to Mary brings about in a person's life. This new edition includes an expanded Preparation for Total Consecration with readings and prayers. There is no better way to advance quickly in holiness, no better way to please God, and no better way to guarantee one's present sanctity and eternal salvation than the true devotion to Mary. Original edition now with updated typesetting, fresh new cover, new size and quality binding, and the same trusted content. [more details...]
Paperback, 336 pages.

Code: B0186        £10.95      Add to Order

Mary - the Second Eve

NEW Mary - the Second Eve      John Henry Newman

Compiled by Sr Eileen Breen, FMA, from the Writings of John Henry Newman. "The extracts are arranged systematically so as to provide continuous reading of his key-thoughts and key-explanations about the Blessed Virgin. There is no word other than Newman's ... except where he himself quotes the early Fathers of the Church". Proves that today's Marian doctrine is firmly rooted in the early Church's teachings and refutes the Protestant claim that Catholics invented devotion to Mary. Fresh, beautiful insights - typical of Cardinal Newman. [more details...]
Paperback, 38 pages.

Code: B2066        £1.99      Add to Order

Mary The Second Eve

Mary The Second Eve      John Henry Newman

Proves that today's Marian doctrine is firmly rooted in the early Church's teachings and refutes the Protestant claim that Catholics invented devotion to Mary. Fresh, beautiful insights - typical of Cardinal Newman. [more details...]
Paperback, 38 pages.

Code: B0898        £4.00
Sorry, temporarily out of stock.

Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary      Fr Nicholas A Norman

The essence of St. Louis De Montfort's True Devotion to Mary and the message of Fatima. Gives the principal reasons, how to, and motives for consecrating ourselves to our Blessed Mother under the title of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. [more details...]
Paperback, 68 pages.

Code: B0187        £2.95      Add to Order

Mary Mother of God: Her Life in Icons and Scripture

Mary Mother of God: Her Life in Icons and Scripture      ed. Giovanna Parravicini

Icons, 'sacred pages' which convey the message of salvation to us, are receiving renewed interest in Western culture, in contrast to the Eastern churches in which they have always held a privileged place. In this book, rare and precious oriental icons have been assembled to tell the life of the Virgin Mary, the Theotokos (Mother of God). Each four-colour icon is accompanied by a guide to its significance, together with texts from the Bible and from the Fathers of the Eastern Church - sequenced according to the story of our salvation, from the Old to the New Testament. This book is truly a contemplative encounter with the 'most precious treasure of the earth' by which we are led by this 'woman clothed with the sun' to penetrate more deeply into the mystery of her Son. [more details...]
Hardback, 134 pages.

Code: B1068        £12.95      Add to Order

Devotion for the Dying: Marys Call to her Loving Children

Devotion for the Dying: Mary's Call to her Loving Children      Ven. Mother Mary Potter

An Extension of True Devotion to Mary, written by the Foundress of the Little Company of Mary. The most important hour of life, she says, is the hour of death, when souls in a state of mortal sin, or despairing of God's grace, most need our help, in the form of prayers, sacrifices and good works - through the tender ministration of our Heavenly Mother, Mary. [more details...]
Paperback, 246 pages.

Code: B0686        £11.50
Sorry, temporarily out of print.

Mary the Mother of the Lord in the New Testament

Mary the Mother of the Lord in the New Testament      Klemens Stock, SJ.

Translated by Joseph Chalmers, O. Carm. Devotion to Mary, the Mother of the Lord, is solidly based on the New Testament. In this book, Fr. Klemens Stock SJ, the noted biblical scholar, examines each of the texts in the New Testament in which mention is made of Mary. "Simple language used to explain the different facets of Mary's role in salvation history. A very useful volume for private prayer, study and for Lectio Divina groups, thoroughly recommended" - the Director of Cenacle. [more details...]
Paperback, 167 pages.

Code: B1266        £9.95      Add to Order

The Imitation of Mary

The Imitation of Mary      Alexander De Rouville

In this volume the author follows the Blessed Virgin through the different mysteries and circumstances of her life. At each point he reflects on her conduct and her sentiments, thus providing instructive insights which will help every Christian in the varying situations of his or her own life. Next best thing to The Imitation of Christ by Kempis. Illustrated hardback [more details...]

Code: B0464        £7.95      Add to Order

Blessed is She who Believed

Blessed is She who Believed      Juan Jose Bartolome, SDB

The author of this book invites us to consider the pilgrimage of faith which the Blessed Virgin made. If we reflect on the stages of her journey of faith it will help us to put order into our own lives, re-establishing the primacy of God in our lives and rediscovering contemplation of Christ and service of neighbour as the first tasks of evangelisation. Following in the footsteps of her spiritual journey, under her protection and guidance, we too can become companions in the adventure of Mary, mother of Jesus. We too can become, at the same time, a space open to receive God, mothers of God as St Augustine says. This is the challenge, and this is the grace which awaits those who allow themselves to be evangelised by contemplating Mary. [more details...]

Code: B2259        £12.00      Add to Order

Not Made by Hands

Not Made by Hands      Thomas Sennott

The Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Holy Shroud of Turin [more details...]
Paperback, 112 pages.

Code: B0234        £5.99      Add to Order

Reflections on Our Lady

Reflections on Our Lady     

Little book of reflections on Our Lady from the Carmelite saints and writers, with black and white illustrations, produced by Carmelite sisters. [more details...]
Paperback, 23 pages.

Code: B0900        £2.50      Add to Order

Shrines and Apparitions

Lourdes: Place of Healing and Hope

Lourdes: Place of Healing and Hope      David Baldwin

Lourdes is one of the best known places of pilgrimage in modern Christendom. This is the story of Bernadette Soubirous, the eighteen appearances of the Blessed Virgin Mary to her in 1858, and her life and trials. In this comprehensive and detailed account, David Baldwin draws out the truly inspirational ‘Message of Lourdes’ for today: a message of hope, healing, intercession and personal conversion towards a loving father. [more details...]
Paperback, 88 pages.

Code: B1303        £2.50      Add to Order

Fatimas Message

NEW Fatima's Message      Rev. Msgr. Joseph A. Cirrincione

Summarizes the Fatima messages as a return to a life of prayer, to the traditional prayer life of the Catholic Church, especially to prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. Great on the value of Holy Hours a forgotten secret spiritual weapon. [more details...]
Paperback, 72 pages.

Code: B2270        £2.75      Add to Order

Fatima for Today

Fatima for Today      Fr Andrew Apostoli, CFR

The Urgent Marian Message of Hope. Though the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima took place almost a hundred years ago, Our Lady’s call to prayer and penance for the salvation of souls and peace in the world is as relevant now as when first delivered to three Portuguese peasant children in 1917. At the peak of the First World War, Our Lady warned of another worldwide conflict, the rise and spread of Communism, and a terrible persecution of the Church unless people repented of their sins and returned to God. She also requested devotion to her Immaculate Heart and a special consecration of Russia. Much of what Our Lady of Fatima said was revealed soon after her appearances, but the third and final "secret", which was not a message but a prophetic vision seen by the children, was not unveiled by the Vatican until 2000. Pope John Paul II, who read the third secret while recovering from the attempt upon his life in 1981, believed the vision signified the sufferings the Church had endured in the twentieth century. Because of the prophetic nature of her messages, Our Lady of Fatima has been the subject of much controversy and speculation. In this book, Father Andrew Apostoli carefully analyzes the events that took place in Fatima and clears up lingering questions and doubts about their meaning. He also challenges the reader to hear anew the call of Our Lady to prayer and sacrifice, for the world is ever in need of generous hearts willing to make reparation for those in danger of losing their way to God. "My Intention was to write a book that wuold combine three essential elements about Our Lady of Fatima. First, there are the historical facts of the apparitions ... second, there is a message of prayer, sacrifice, suffering and holiness of life ... third, there are certain questions and objections that have been raised concerning the message of Fatima." - Father Andrew Apostoli. [more details...]

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The Fourth Secret of Fatima

The Fourth Secret of Fatima      Antonio Socci

Previously available only in Italian, German, Portugese, and other European languages, newly translated into English - Over 100,000 sold in English already! This fascinating inquiry into the theories and the truths of the most disconcerting mystery of the 20th Century was a huge bestseller in Europe. On June 26, 2000, Vatican officials (including Cardinal Bertone) released what they claim was the Third Secret of Fatima. They further said that it was a prediction of the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II in 1981. Antonio Soccis, an acclaimed Italian journalist and television personality, originally sided with the Vatican's interpretation of the Third Secret. Upon closer investigation of this matter, the evidence led him to the conclusion that there is another document of the Third Secret containing the actual words of Our Lady. So far, the Vatican is still hiding this text while claiming that all is released. Antonio Socci, for the first time, in this book produces the testimony of a still-living witness from the inner circle of Pope John XXIII, to prove his point. This book, by a friend of Pope Benedict XVI and former friend of Cardinal Bertone, has caused a public sensation and debate. Far from being a "dead issue" the urgent message of Our Lady to the shepherd children of Fatima is now being more critically discussed and examined than ever before. [more details...]
Paperback, 256 pages.

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The Message of Guadalupe

The Message of Guadalupe      Gillian Rae

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Queen of Mexico, Mother of the Americas and Protectress of the Unborn Child. Why, in 1531, did Our Lady appear to an illiterate Mexican worker, Juan Diego? How can interest and devotion to her today be so widespread? Our Lady appeared as an Indian girl, speaking Juan Diego’s own native language, and offered her help to the oppressed and largely pagan people from which he came. The miraculous image, which appeared as a result on Diego’s clothing, can still be seen in Mexico today. This booklet tells the story, and the message Guadalupe has for the modern world. Gillian Rae eloquently shows how Mary’s ‘missionary image’ spans the centuries to combat today’s ‘culture of death.’ [more details...]
Paperback, 56 pages.

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The Wonder of Guadalupe

The Wonder of Guadalupe      Francis Johnston

Considered the best book on the apparition of Our Lady in 1531 in Mexico City. It shows that the picture is not a painting, but more like a photograph, and how under normal circumstances it should have disintegrated in 20 or 30 years. Tells the complete story; from the Conquest of Mexico and the conversion of the Aztecs; through the development of the devotion and into the modern era. An enthralling story and an essential devotion for our times! [more details...]
Paperback, 143 pages.

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Fatima - Past or Future

NEW Fatima - Past or Future      Antionio A Borelli

The unheeded message. A new British edition of a work that narrates the apparitions and messages of the Most Holy Virgin at Fatima, Portugal in 1917. What is the relevance of the message of Fatima today? How can it help us? The message of Fatima is the key not only to understanding the events of the 20th century but also those of the days we now live, as well as those to come. Richly illustrated with colour and photographs, this international best-seller includes a full account of the apparitions, Sister Lucia's mission, including what the Vatican has revealed about the third secret of Fatima. [more details...]
Paperback, 165 pages.

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Fatima Commented

Fatima Commented      Plinio Correa de Oliveira

One can never talk enough about Fatima. It marked a new era in the history of the Chruch. It was the dawn of a new age. Plinio Correa de Oliveira, a catholic author and man of action, comments brilliantly on aspects of each apparition of the Angel and Our Lady of Fatima. A must read for anyone wanting a deeper understanding of this capital event of the twentieth century. [more details...]

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Fatima The Great Sign

Fatima The Great Sign      Francis Johnston

The story, the message, and the meaning. Penetrates deeply into the theology of Fatima: the Rosary, daily duty, Eucharistic reparation, consecration and reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Hell and the prophecies, etc. Spells out the repeated papal pronouncements on the crucial relevance of Fatima to the entire world. As Pope Pius XII said, "The time for doubting Fatima is past; it is now time for action." One of our most popular titles. Eye-opening! [more details...]
Paperback, 160 pages.

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Our Lady of Fatimas Peace Plan from Heaven

Our Lady of Fatima's Peace Plan from Heaven      Booklet

A great little booklet covering every aspect of Fatima - the story, the message, the meaning for today. Fatima is the hope of the world! Tells about the prophecies, some of which have already come to pass. There were 3 secrets, confided to 3 shepherd children - the third of which was supposed to be revealed by 1960 - the eve of Vatican II [more details...]
Paperback, 30 pages.

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Fatima: A Heart for the World

NEW Fatima: A Heart for the World      Barry R Pearlman

A well-written overview of Fatima in this book, one which is full of interesting details and theological insights. In 250 pages, and twelve chapters, he details what happened at Fatima and its significance for the world. This is the story of the heart-rending ordeals of the three shepherd children and the wondrous apparitions they experienced. Thoroughly amended and updated in 2010, this book includes among many new details, the recently revealed third secret. Also each chapter provides a continuous, theological commetary which expounds and clarifies the profound revelation of Fatima: a revelation whose implications for the world are only now becoming apparent. This message is presented in a manner suited to those desiring a fuller appreciation of the Christian faith. They will find their traditional beliefs confirmed and strengthened. Illustrated with black and white photographs. [more details...]
Paperback, 250 pages.

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What Happened at Fatima

What Happened at Fatima      Leo Madigan

Adhering faithfully to the memoirs of Sister Lucia, the longest surviving seer, this book follows the events of Fatima: from the first "stirrings of the wings" in the appearances of the angels before the six apparitions of the Blessed Virgin herself, the deaths of Francisco and Jacinta Marto, the subsequent apparitions to Sister Lucia in Pontevedra and Tuy, the consecration of the world and Russia to the Immaculate Heart, the dissolution of Soviet Communism, to the beatifications of Francisco and Jacinta and the opening of the third part of the "secret" that Our Lady confided to the children in 1917. The author, Leo Madigan, is a New Zealand writer who lives in Fatima. [more details...]
Paperback, 88 pages.

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Message of Walsingham

Message of Walsingham      R W Connelly, SM

The Ancient Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, England’s national shrine, sits in a tiny village on the north coast of East Anglia. Since 1061 pilgrims have made their way there. Paupers and kings have walked, ‘slipperless’, the last holy mile. Here Mary is contemplated as Mary of Nazareth, the warm hearted Mother of a family that has her Son as the centre. Pilgrims leave the ‘world’ to tread the path to this Shrine, praying for themselves and for others, accompanied by the Word of God. They come in response to a deep felt call to conversion, to look again at Christ, to turn back to him. This booklet is a pilgrim’s companion. [more details...]
Paperback, 46 pages.

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Soft Blows the Wind (On Foot to Walsingham)

Soft Blows the Wind (On Foot to Walsingham)      Fr Jimmy Collins

This is the story of a remarkable journey - 200-miles from Lancashire to Walsingham, ancient shrine of Our Lady, undertaken by Fr Jimmy at the age of 78 - a journey that reflects a remarkable life: ordinary, but at the same time extraordinary because lived for God. For those who wish to follow in Fr Jimmy's footsteps the book provides practical and detailed instructions for the walking paths to Walsingham. [more details...]
Paperback, 211 pages.

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Shrines of Our Lady in England

Shrines of Our Lady in England      Anne Vail

Anne Vail spent a year visiting 29 of the 60 main English shrines, dating mostly from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. The resulting book is a practical guide, with service times and transport details, as well as an investigation of the shrines' origins and a description of their present condition. [more details...]
Hardback, 246 pages.

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Rosa Mystica

Rosa Mystica      Booklet

The story of the Rosa Mystica - the apparitions at Montichiari Fontanelle in Italy - with the Rosa Mystica Novena. [more details...]
Paperback, 46 pages.

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The Holy Mountain of La Salette

The Holy Mountain of La Salette      Rev William Ullathorne

It was only eight years after our Sorrowful Mother appeared to the shepherd children in the south of France, that Bishop Ullathorne took up his pen to defend the authenticity of the visitation. With Rome's permission, the author writes as a contemporary chronicler of the events, conducting interviews with the seers and with ecclesiastics who were involved. Sewn Soft cover. [more details...]
Paperback, 227 pages.

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Our Lady at Garabandal

Our Lady at Garabandal      Judith Albright

The author writes the simple story of the events which took place at Garabandal where allegedly the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared and gave messages to four young peasant girls. [more details...]
Paperback, 99 pages.

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Garabandal - The Eyewitnesses. New DVD

Garabandal - The Eyewitnesses. New DVD     

The Virgin Mary appeared to four Spanish children with important messages and prophecies. Bishop Antonio del Val Gallo and other eyewitnesses related what they saw. Region 2 DVD. [more details...]

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The Garabandal DVD Collection

The Garabandal DVD Collection     

Superb set of 25 DVDs, in a zipped case, including: Garabandal - The Eyewitnesses; Garabandal The Pilgrims; John Paul II and the prophecies of Garabandal; Garabandal The Village; Eucharist - Holy Mass; Village of Miracles; Conchita of Garabandal (1972-73 film); The Message of Garabandal; Maria Saraco Interview (Ireland 1994); Joey's last Irish Visit 1988; Marie-Loli's Irish Tour 1996; Garabandal "After the Visions" 1979-80 (BBC Film); Fr de la Riva witnessed and photographed 200 Ecstacies; The Events at Garabandal (1970 Film); Garabandal in the Eighties (1980); Conchita on the Late Late 1981 (Footage courtesy of RTE); Australian Congress 1991 (Jacinta and Mari-Loli interviewed); Maria Saraco with Mother Angelica 1995 (Footage courtesy of EWTN); Joey on EWTN 1996 - Double Feature; Garabandal Reflections; The Brothers Andreu (Fr Ramon and Fr Luis); Garabandal Archive 1961-65 parts one; two; and three; The Kiss of Our Lady Heals II. All 25 DVD's in zone-free format, playable worldwide! Includes free UK postage. Region 2 DVD. [more details...]

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Garabandal Journal - Mar-Apr 2013

Garabandal Journal - Mar-Apr 2013     

Garabandal Journal. [more details...]
Paperback, 24 pages.

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Garabandal Journal - Jan-Feb 2013

Garabandal Journal - Jan-Feb 2013     

Garabandal Journal. [more details...]
Paperback, 24 pages.

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Garabandal Journal May-Jun 2012

Garabandal Journal May-Jun 2012     

Garabandal Journal. [more details...]
Paperback, 24 pages.

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Garabandal Journal Special

Garabandal Journal Special     

Garabandal Journal Special. Free copy while stocks last. [more details...]
Paperback, 24 pages.

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