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Why Must I Suffer?

Why Must I Suffer?
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Author: Rev. F J Remler C.M.

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ISBN:  9781930278295
Publisher:  Loreto
Format:  Paperback



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Fr. Remler gives 15 classic Catholic reasons why God allows suffering. He deals with Original Sin, our own personal sins, and the real danger of eternal perdition, but he also clearly lays out the Catholic "secrets" that God has given us for turning evil to good. He covers many reasons for suffering: reparation, healing, prevention, gaining salvation for one's self and others, etc. This book puts us back in touch with the perspective of eternity, providing both a reality check about sin and a renewal of Catholic hope in the mercy and grace of God.

Publisher: Loreto
ISBN: 9781930278295
More by this Author: Rev. F J Remler C.M.
Keywords: General books Defending the Faith

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