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Adam's Deep Sleep

Adam's Deep Sleep
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Author: Fr James Mawdsley

Product Code:  B3395
ISBN:  9781739581602
Publisher:  New Old Publishing
Format  Paperback
Pages  219



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The Passion of Jesus Christ Prefigured in the Old Testament. This is the first book in the New Old series, finding Jesus Christ present in the Old Testament -- it seems on every page!

Why in order to create Eve did God send a "deep sleep" on Adam? Why does Genesis tell us Noah was laid out naked and drunk? Why did God send a "deep sleep" upon Abraham, with dark dread in the midst of his sacrifice, when making a Covenant with him? Beginning with these deep sleeps experienced by Adam, Noah, and Abraham, this book finds more than a dozen instances of sleep featured in the Old Testament which each foreshadow the Passion of Jesus Christ.

The various examples highlight different aspects of the Crucifixion, the goods which belong to the Cross. They teach us to expect the Cross in our own life, and to be confident of the graces it contains if we carry it. Inspiring us in our trials, together the Old Testament figures work to give us an invincible faith in God's Plan for our redemption, as they demonstrate that the Sacrifice of His Beloved Son was foreknown from the beginning.

Publisher: New Old Publishing
Pages: 219
ISBN: 9781739581602
More by this Author: Fr James Mawdsley
Keywords: new-old series Bibles books Bible Study

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