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Altar Linen: Corporal

Altar Linen: CorporalCode: N0443  Price: £17.50

Corporal altar cloth, 100% Linen. 20x20 inches, folded in thirds and placed under the Chalice to catch any crumbs from the sacred Host during ...

Altar Linen: Lavabo Towel

Altar Linen: Lavabo TowelCode: N0444  Price: £16.50

Lavabo towel altar cloth, 100% Linen. 20x16 inches, used by the priest to dry his hands before the consecration of the sacred Host at communion ...

Altar Linen: Purificator

Altar Linen: PurificatorCode: N0442  Price: £16.50

Purificator altar cloth, 100% Linen. 20x11 inches, folded in thirds so that the sides hang down from the Chalice, used to clean the chalice by ...

Mass Linen: Pall

Mass Linen: PallCode: N8417  Price: £15.25

Simple white Linen Pall altar linen for use in Roman Catholic Mass, with small embroidered cross. The pall (palla) is a stiffened square card ...

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Altar Linen Set

Altar Linen SetCode: N0446  Price: £61.50Sorry, out of stock

100% Linen altar linen set for use in Roman Catholic Mass. Comprises: Corporal, Purificator, Pall and Lavabo Towel. These altar linens are finely ...

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Altar Linen: Chalice Pall

Altar Linen: Chalice PallCode: N0445  Price: £16.50Sorry, out of stock

Chalice Pall altar cloth, 100% Linen. 7x7 inches with plastic insert, placed over the Chalice to cover the Eucharist elements during communion

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Mass Linen: Lavabo Towel

Mass Linen: Lavabo TowelCode: N8418  Price: £10.75Sorry, out of stock

Simple white Linen Lavabo (Finger) Towel altar linen for use in Roman Catholic Mass, with small embroidered cross. The lavabo towel is used by the ...

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