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Audiobook: Henry VIII and the Anglican Schism

Audiobook: Henry VIII and the Anglican Schism
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Author: Christopher Check

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"THE DECADENT KING WHO DIVIDED THE CHURCH." What brought Saint Thomas More to the scaffold? What tore England from Catholic Europe? A woman. Lady Anne Boleyn. Yet even today, Anglican apologists for Henry's cruel treatment of his wife, Catherine of Aragon, argue that the king's motives, while perhaps not admirable, were merely political: the stability of the Tudor line and of the whole realm demanded a male heir. This lecture, as told by Christopher Check, exposes that dishonest defence, lays bare Henry's true motives in divorcing Catherine, identifies the sinister operators behind the scenes, unwinds the convoluted legal arguments Henry attempted to justify his actions, and names the painful and widespread effects of the divorce we feel yet today. Henry VII's divorce is among mankind's most consequential tragedies. Audio CD, running time: 55 minutes.

More by this Author: Christopher Check
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