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Catholic Faith

Catholic Faith, Catechism, What Catholics Believe, Apologetics, Sacraments, Marvels and Miracles, Church History, Vatican teaching (Popes) and documents

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  • Let There Be No Divisions Among You

    Let There Be No Divisions Among You
    Rev John MacLaughlin

    Code: B2854
    Why All Christians Should be Catholic. With clear, compelling logic bolstered by countless Scriptural confirmations, Fr. John MacLaughlin here conside... Learn More
  • Reading the catechism

    Reading the catechism
    Petroc Willey

    Code: B2695
    Essential pocket guide on how to read and understand the Catechism of the Catholic Church, its purpose, and use in teaching the faith. Written by an e... Learn More
  • Forty Anti-Catholic Lies

    Forty Anti-Catholic Lies
    Gerard Vershuuren, PhD

    Code: B3129
    A Mythbusting Apologist Sets the Record Straight. Tired of being stumped when false claims are made about the Catholic Church? Want to be armed with ... Learn More
  • A Year with the Catechism

    A Year with the Catechism
    Petroc Willey, Fr Dominic Scotto, Dr Donald Asci

    Code: B3083
    The Catechism of the Catholic Church is arguably the single most significant, carefully-crafted account of the Christian faith to have appeared in the... Learn More
  • A Catechism of Christian Doctrine: Penny Catechism

    A Catechism of Christian Doctrine: Penny Catechism

    Code: B0554
    The original "Penny Catechism". This excellent pocket catechism provides a wealth of detailed guidance on, and explanation of, the Catholic faith. It... Learn More
  • Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine - hardback

    Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine - hardback
    Archbishop Michael Sheehan

    Code: B2589
    Almost 500,000 copies of this classic high school text were printed, which was used to teach the Faith to generations of English-speaking Catholics ar... Learn More
  • A Brief Life of Christ

    A Brief Life of Christ
    Rev. Dr. Leslie Rumble

    Code: B0528
    A perfect, short rendition of the main events in the life of Our Lord. Designed to be an introduction or refresher study, it is excellent for the clas... Learn More


    Code: B2725
    DOCAT is the latest title in the international best-selling YOUCAT series for young people. With its focus on the social teaching of the Catholic Chur... Learn More
  • Christianity

    David Albert Jones

    Code: B2463
    A highly readable and accessible introduction to the Catholic Faith, this booklet, a classic text republished for the Year of Faith, takes the reader ... Learn More
  • Removing the Blindfold

    Removing the Blindfold
    John Rao

    Code: B2407
    £11.95 £9.50
    19th Century Catholics and the Myth of Modern Freedom. Among American Catholics, there is a certain unwillingness to see anything amiss with modern ci... Learn More
  • What Catholics Believe, A Pocket Catechism

    What Catholics Believe, A Pocket Catechism
    Mike Aquilina/Fr Kris Stubna

    Code: B0731
    This pocket book serves as both a primer on the faith and a readily accessible resource and reference guide. It also contains virtually all you need t... Learn More
  • Rebuilding Catholic Culture

    Rebuilding Catholic Culture
    Ryan Topping

    Code: B2208
    Rarely does a book come along that so succinctly explains the decline of modern culture, articulates a defense of the Church's teachings, and offers a... Learn More
  • A Catechism for Inquirers

    A Catechism for Inquirers

    Code: B2346
    Explaining the teachings of the Catholic Church, including the Sacraments, the Precepts, Prayer, Virtues, and much more, this manual is written in que... Learn More
  • The Aquinas Catechism

    The Aquinas Catechism
    Saint Thomas Aquinas

    Code: B2217
    The essentials of the Catholic Faith, clearly, comprehensively, and beautifully explained by one of the Church's greatest thinkers! Although St. Thoma... Learn More
  • Opening the Door of Faith

    Opening the Door of Faith
    Jem Sullivan, Ph D

    Code: B2053
    £12.49 £9.99
    "…to evangelize does not mean to teach a doctrine, but to proclaim Jesus Christ by one's words and actions, that is, to make oneself an instrument ... Learn More
  • Search and Rescue

    Search and Rescue
    Patrick Madrid, Scott Hahn

    Code: B2170
    How to Bring Your Family and Friends Into - or Back into - The Catholic Church. You don't have to become a biblical scholar or a theologian to be an e... Learn More
  • Upon this Rock

    Upon this Rock
    Fr Edwin Gordon

    Code: B0995
    This book represents the fruits of many years of prayer, work, and meditation by Fr Edwin Gordon. The first part, Upon This Rock - with a foreword by ... Learn More
  • Hundreds of Churches but Only One is Christ's

    Hundreds of Churches but Only One is Christ's
    Martin J Scott, S.J.

    Code: B2325
    Father Scott gives convincing answers to prove the Catholic Church is the One, true Church. A catechism format is used with text that is easy to under... Learn More
  • Lord of the World

    Lord of the World
    Robert Hugh Benson

    Code: B2357
    Recommended by Pope Francis as a must-read book on several occasions, and described by Fulton Sheen as one of the three greatest depictions of the adv... Learn More
  • After Death-What?

    After Death-What?

    Code: B2328
    This small booklet will answer many questions you may have about Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory with many quotes from scripture. Heaven, Hell and Purgator... Learn More
  • A Biblical Defense of Catholicism

    A Biblical Defense of Catholicism
    Dave Armstrong

    Code: B0742
    £19.96 £16.50
    This exciting book shows that, far from straying from the Bible, Catholicism is eminently and thoroughly biblical. Indeed, Catholicism is the only Chr... Learn More
  • The Divine Romance

    The Divine Romance
    Archbishop Fulton J Sheen

    Code: B2875
    Biretta Books is proud to present this masterwork of the great Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen! In The Divine Romance, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen delves in... Learn More
  • God's World and Our Place in it

    God's World and Our Place in it
    Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

    Code: B2161
    God and the world explained — by Bishop Sheen, the T.V. personality who captivated the nation and won countless converts. In the 1950s, Fulton J. Sh... Learn More
  • Butler's Irish Catechism

    Butler's Irish Catechism
    Rev Dr James Butler

    Code: B3228
    Revised, Enlarged, Approved, and Recommended by the Four R. C. Archbishops of Ireland as a General Catechism for the KingdomRev. Dr. James Butler, t... Learn More
  • The Catechism of Pope St Pius X - Larger Catechism Part Second

    The Catechism of Pope St Pius X - Larger Catechism Part Second

    Code: B2750
    Also known as the Catechism of Pope Pius X. From the notice: "This Larger Catechism is intended for older children who have already been instructed i... Learn More
  • Dangers to the Faith

    Dangers to the Faith
    Al Kresta

    Code: B2139
    Recognizing Catholicism's 21st Century Opponents. A storm has been brewing in society and its treatment, views, and activities toward the Catholic Fai... Learn More
  • Handbook of Heresies

    Handbook of Heresies
    M L Cozens

    Code: B2765
    This most concise and helpful reference work was first published in 1928. It was reissued in 1945 by Sheed & Ward publishers and is newly reprinted in... Learn More

Items 1 to 36 of 270 total

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