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Catechism: a text summarizing the basic principles of a the Catholic Faith, usually in question-and-answer form.

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  • Miracles

    Ronald Knox

    Code: B2906
    What is a miracle, and why would God do one? Do they still occur, and if so, why? What distinguishes a miracle from other scientifically inexplicable ... Learn More
  • A City Set on a Hill

    A City Set on a Hill
    Robert Hugh Benson

    Code: B2907
    What could attract a famous clergyman and bestselling author to become a Catholic, and a Catholic priest? In this book, he tells us. 1904.... Learn More
  • Finding the Way Back

    Finding the Way Back
    Francis Ripley

    Code: B2908
    Many people stop going to church, for all sorts of reasons. A well-known preacher here asks us to think about coming back. 1959, 1963.... Learn More
  • The Gunpowder Plot

    The Gunpowder Plot
    Herbert Thurston SJ

    Code: B2909
    What was the Gunpowder Plot? Was it, as was claimed, a plot hatched by wicked Jesuits? Whose stories can we trust? Another Jesuit investigates. 1929.... Learn More
  • Nuns - What are they for?

    Nuns - What are they for?
    Jean Cardinal Danielou & Maria Boulding OSB & Brun

    Code: B2910
    There are two sorts of nuns: those you see and those you don’t. Some are visibly busy doing good; but what about those you don’t see? What are the... Learn More
  • Islam, Britain & the Gospel

    Islam, Britain & the Gospel
    John Coonan, John Wijngaards & WIlliam Burridge

    Code: B2911
    In the last half of the twentieth century, mass immigration brought Islam, amongst other things, to Britain for the first time. These are some contemp... Learn More
  • Stories of the Great War

    Stories of the Great War
    Eileen Boland

    Code: B2912
    The Great War brought the reality of modern conflict into the lives of a whole society. This book collects some specifically Catholic experiences and ... Learn More
  • Life Within Us

    Life Within Us
    Caryll Houselander & Delia Smith & Herbert Fincham

    Code: B2913
    Three very different writers explain that prayer is not something reserved for the professionally religious, but is instead for people like us, with a... Learn More
  • Inside Communism

    Inside Communism
    Douglas Hyde

    Code: B2914
    An ex-Communist lays bare the grim reality of Communism, its unscrupulous methods, and its wholehearted opposition to Christianity. 1948, 1950.... Learn More
  • Courtship - Some Practical Advice

    Courtship - Some Practical Advice
    Hubert McEvoy SJ & Tony Kirwin & Malcolm Brennan

    Code: B2915
    Four texts illustrate how approaches to entering into Christian marriage have both changed and yet conveyed a constant message. 1936, 1957, 1964, 1974... Learn More
  • Resurrection

    Vincent McNabb OP & B C Butler OSB

    Code: B2916
    What do we mean by the resurrection? What does the Church teach, and why should we believe it? Two very different writers explain. 1922, 1972.... Learn More
  • Two Conversion Stories

    Two Conversion Stories
    James Britten & Ronald Knox

    Code: B2917
    Two prominent former Anglicans explain why they became Catholic. 1893, 1918.... Learn More
  • Medieval Christianity

    Medieval Christianity
    Christopher Dawson

    Code: B2918
    Monks, friars, popes, heresy, the inquisition; what was medieval Christianity really like? Where did it come from, and how did it express itself? 1935... Learn More
  • A Library of Tales - Vol 1

    A Library of Tales - Vol 1
    Lady Herbert of Lea

    Code: B2919
    These short and sharply-observed stories illustrate familiar problems of the Catholic moral life set in a late Victorian context. 1899.... Learn More
  • A Library of Tales - Vol 2

    A Library of Tales - Vol 2
    Eveline Cole & E Kielty, CL

    Code: B2920
    Two stories with a moral: a French priest flees to England from the horrors of the Revolution; a Dublin girl takes a menial job in rural Ireland. 1935... Learn More
  • War at Home and at the Front

    War at Home and at the Front
    "A Chaplain" & Mrs Blundell of Crosby

    Code: B2921
    An army chaplain offers practical advice to Catholic soldiers; Catholic mothers are encouraged to set the difficulties of the Home Front in a wider co... Learn More
  • The Church & the Modern Age

    The Church & the Modern Age
    Christopher Hollis

    Code: B2922
    How did the Catholic Church respond to the moral, intellectual and practical challenges of the past three centuries? We learn what lies behind modern ... Learn More
  • The Prayer of St Thérèse of Lisieux

    The Prayer of St Thérèse of Lisieux
    Vernon Johnson

    Code: B2923
    St Thérèse of Lisieux is one of the best-loved of all saints. A renowned spiritual writer explains how she is also a profound teacher of prayer. 193... Learn More
  • The Problem of Evil

    The Problem of Evil
    Martin D'Arcy SJ

    Code: B2924
    How can belief in an all-powerful, all-loving God be reconciled with the undeniable presence of evil in the world? A Jesuit philosopher offers some an... Learn More
  • Who is St Joseph?

    Who is St Joseph?
    Herbert Cardinal Vaughan

    Code: B2925
    Whenever Cardinal Vaughan met problems or worries, he turned first to St Joseph. Here he tells us why, and how to do the same. 1911.... Learn More
  • Science and Religion

    Science and Religion
    Prof. Stephen M. Barr

    Code: B1926
    The Myth of Conflict. Discovering the true relationship between Religion and Science. Professor Barr overturns the widespread notions that the history... Learn More
  • Same-Sex Marriage

    Same-Sex Marriage
    Peter D Williams

    Code: B1950
    Can marriage be redefined. A look at the current debate and its implications. Recent consultations by governments on allowing same-sex marriage have s... Learn More
  • Questions & Answers About Sex & Marriage

    Questions & Answers About Sex & Marriage
    Luton Good Counsel

    Code: B2601
    For many people the Catholic Church holds outdated and impractical views when it comes to sex, marriage and contraception. Dr Charlie O’Donnell answ... Learn More
  • Abortion

    Helen Watt

    Code: B0821
    This booklet examines the many situations in which recourse to abortion is made, and describes the different methods of abortion. It explains in clear... Learn More
  • Divorce

    Jane Deegan

    Code: B2020
    Explaining Catholic teaching on marriage, separation and divorce. This booklet explains the Catholic understanding of marriage and why the Catholic Ch... Learn More
  • Marriage Annulment in the Catholic Church

    Marriage Annulment in the Catholic Church
    Fr Stephen Gasche

    Code: B0823
    A pocket guide to the grounds and procedures for annulment, this little booklet answers the pertinent questions that more and more people are asking a... Learn More
  • Protestantism: from a Catholic Perspective

    Protestantism: from a Catholic Perspective
    Dr Cyprian Blamires

    Code: B1450
    A description of the main forms of Protestantism. Protestants account for just under half of all Christians in the world but are often placed in oppos... Learn More
  • Explaining Islam from a Catholic Perspective

    Explaining Islam from a Catholic Perspective
    J M Gaskell

    Code: B0816
    This booklet examines the historical background to the rise of Islam in seventh century Arabia and its subsequent expansion throughout the Middle East... Learn More
  • Buddhism

    Paul M Williams

    Code: B1160
    Buddhism is recognised as one of the world’s great religions, yet it is probably the least understood. Paul Williams, Professor of Professor of Indi... Learn More
  • Freemasonry and the Christian Faith

    Freemasonry and the Christian Faith
    Fr Ashley Beck

    Code: B1470
    Is Freemasonry compatible with Catholicism? Freemasons celebrate 300 years since their foundation in England in 1717. Today still, despite the Catholi... Learn More

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