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Church History

Church History

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  • Bernard of Clairvaux

    Bernard of Clairvaux
    Gillian Evans

    Code: B3059
    Here are writings of the great medieval spiritual teacher (1090-1153) who was preacher of the Crusades and founder of the Cistercians, with an introdu... Learn More
  • Bonaventure

    Ewert Cousins

    Code: B3060
    The Soul's Journey into God, The Tree of Life, The Life of St. Francis.Named "The Prince of Mystics" by Leo XIII, Bonaventure (1217-1274), friar an... Learn More
  • Catherine of Siena: Dialogue

    Catherine of Siena: Dialogue
    Sister Susan Noffke

    Code: B3062
    Catherine of Siena (1347-1380), Saint, Mystic and Doctor of the Church, wrote The Dialogue, her crowning spiritual work, for "the instruction and enco... Learn More
  • Contemplative Way

    Contemplative Way
    Franz Jalies, SJ

    Code: B3066
    Quietly Savoring God's Presence. An experienced Jesuit retreat giver offers an antidote to a world that's overfilled with noise, ceaseless activity, ... Learn More
  • Origen: Selected Writings

    Origen: Selected Writings
    Rowan A Greer

    Code: B3068
    Here are the important and influential writings of a Christian mystic and early father of the church. Origen (c. 185-254) was born in Alexandria and l... Learn More
  • Pilgrim's Tale

    Pilgrim's Tale
    Aleksei Pentkovsky, T Allan Smith

    Code: B3069
    In this volume is the authentic text of The Pilgrim's Tale, one of the most widely read and important examples of Russian spiritual literature, which... Learn More
  • Signs and Mysteries

    Signs and Mysteries
    Mike Aquilina

    Code: B1751
    Revealing Ancient Christian Symbols. Imagine the dangerous life of a First Century Christian. You've embraced your newfound faith in Christ but fear t... Learn More
  • Four Witnesses: The Early Church

    Four Witnesses: The Early Church
    Rod Bennett

    Code: B0960
    What was the early Church like? Contrary to popular belief, former Evangelical Rod Bennett shows there is a reliable way to know. Four ancient Christ... Learn More
  • The Desert a City

    The Desert a City
    Derwas J Chitty

    Code: B0908
    Dr. Chitty, one of the major scholars in this period, deals with the golden age of Egyptian monasticism and describes the three founders of the moveme... Learn More
  • John Cassian Conferences

    John Cassian Conferences
    Colm Luibheid (translator)

    Code: B0466
    John Cassian [c365-c.435] wrote 24 conferences 9 of which are studied in this volume, which is a study of the Egyptian ideal of a monk. Subjects inclu... Learn More
  • The Teachings of the Church Fathers

    The Teachings of the Church Fathers
    John Willis SJ

    Code: B0961
    This compendium of texts from the Church Fathers is divided into more than 250 doctrinal topics, to form a comprehensive selection and useful suppleme... Learn More
  • A Glimpse of Heaven: Catholic Churches of England and Wales

    A Glimpse of Heaven: Catholic Churches of England and Wales
    Christopher Martin

    Code: B2226
    £20.00 £19.00
    The architecture and decoration of Catholic churches and their importance as part of our heritage has gone largely undiscovered and unappreciated. Thi... Learn More
  • Pioneer Priests and Makeshift Altars

    Pioneer Priests and Makeshift Altars
    Fr Charles Connor

    Code: B2865
    A History of Catholicism in the Thirteen Colonies. In this comprehensive history, Fr. Charles Connor details the life of Catholics in the American Col... Learn More
  • Roman Catacombs

    Roman Catacombs
    Rev. James Spencer Northcote

    Code: B2818
    £12.46 £11.50
    A History of the Christian City Beneath Pagan Rome.Enter into the shadows of the Roman catacombs where early Christians attended Mass and hid in fea... Learn More
  • Handbook of Heresies

    Handbook of Heresies
    M L Cozens

    Code: B2765
    This most concise and helpful reference work was first published in 1928. It was reissued in 1945 by Sheed & Ward publishers and is newly reprinted in... Learn More
  • Mary Tudor - England’s first Queen Regnant

    Mary Tudor - England’s first Queen Regnant
    Gregory Slysz

    Code: B2501
    "Truth is the daughter of Time". Although several books on Queen Mary have been published in recent years, they are overly academic in nature. This vo... Learn More
  • The Tudor Cistercians

    The Tudor Cistercians
    David H Williams

    Code: B2365
    David Williams portrays every aspect of the life of the Cistercian monks and nuns of England and Wales in the half-century prior to the complete extin... Learn More
  • The Tiara and the Test Tube

    The Tiara and the Test Tube
    Paul Haffner

    Code: B2363
    The Pope and Science from the Medieval Period to the Present. A popular myth put about by secularists is that between the Church and science the relat... Learn More
  • Great Orders of the Catholic Church

    Great Orders of the Catholic Church
    Harry Schnitker

    Code: B2302
    From very early in her history the Church has been filled with men and women who have dedicated themselves exclusively to God in the religious life. O... Learn More
  • School of Darkness

    School of Darkness
    Bella V Dodd

    Code: B1745
    The record of a life and of a conflict between two faiths. Bella Dodd was a member of the Communist Party's National Committee that tried to infiltrat... Learn More
  • The Church Under Attack

    The Church Under Attack
    Diane Moczar

    Code: B2221
    Five Hundred Years that Split the Church and Scattered the Flock. Here’s an unabashedly Catholic history that documents scores of sustained and unpr... Learn More

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