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Church History

Church History

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  • Bernard of Clairvaux

    Bernard of Clairvaux
    Gillian Evans

    Code: B3059
    Here are writings of the great medieval spiritual teacher (1090-1153) who was preacher of the Crusades and founder of the Cistercians, with an introdu... Learn More
  • Bonaventure

    Ewert Cousins

    Code: B3060
    The Soul's Journey into God, The Tree of Life, The Life of St. Francis.Named "The Prince of Mystics" by Leo XIII, Bonaventure (1217-1274), friar an... Learn More
  • Catherine of Siena: Dialogue

    Catherine of Siena: Dialogue
    Sister Susan Noffke

    Code: B3062
    Catherine of Siena (1347-1380), Saint, Mystic and Doctor of the Church, wrote The Dialogue, her crowning spiritual work, for "the instruction and enco... Learn More
  • Contemplative Way

    Contemplative Way
    Franz Jalies, SJ

    Code: B3066
    Quietly Savoring God's Presence. An experienced Jesuit retreat giver offers an antidote to a world that's overfilled with noise, ceaseless activity, ... Learn More
  • Origen: Selected Writings

    Origen: Selected Writings
    Rowan A Greer

    Code: B3068
    Here are the important and influential writings of a Christian mystic and early father of the church. Origen (c. 185-254) was born in Alexandria and l... Learn More
  • Pilgrim's Tale

    Pilgrim's Tale
    Aleksei Pentkovsky, T Allan Smith

    Code: B3069
    In this volume is the authentic text of The Pilgrim's Tale, one of the most widely read and important examples of Russian spiritual literature, which... Learn More
  • The Desert Fathers: St Anthony and the Beginnings of Monasticism

    The Desert Fathers: St Anthony and the Beginnings of Monasticism
    Peter H Gorg

    Code: B1884
    In the late third century, more and more people withdrew to the radical seclusion of the desert so as to live entirely for God under the direction of ... Learn More
  • The Confessions

    The Confessions
    Saint Augustine of Hippo

    Code: B2026
    Translated by Maria Boulding, OSB, Edited by David Meconi, SJ. One of the greatest works of all time and essential reading to anyone studying theology... Learn More
  • The Fathers of the Church - 3rd Edition

    The Fathers of the Church - 3rd Edition
    Mike Aquilina

    Code: B1749
    We hear the voices of the early Church Fathers even today. Their teachings, their guidance, their insights, and their sacrifice shaped the Catholic Ch... Learn More
  • The Way of the Fathers

    The Way of the Fathers
    Mike Aquilina

    Code: B1750
    From the pious to the practical, the reflections of the Fathers of the Church cover virtually every aspect of the Christian life. Noted author Mike Aq... Learn More
  • Signs and Mysteries

    Signs and Mysteries
    Mike Aquilina

    Code: B1751
    Revealing Ancient Christian Symbols. Imagine the dangerous life of a First Century Christian. You've embraced your newfound faith in Christ but fear t... Learn More
  • Four Witnesses: The Early Church

    Four Witnesses: The Early Church
    Rod Bennett

    Code: B0960
    What was the early Church like? Contrary to popular belief, former Evangelical Rod Bennett shows there is a reliable way to know. Four ancient Christ... Learn More
  • The Desert a City

    The Desert a City
    Derwas J Chitty

    Code: B0908
    Dr. Chitty, one of the major scholars in this period, deals with the golden age of Egyptian monasticism and describes the three founders of the moveme... Learn More
  • John Cassian Conferences

    John Cassian Conferences
    Colm Luibheid (translator)

    Code: B0466
    John Cassian [c365-c.435] wrote 24 conferences 9 of which are studied in this volume, which is a study of the Egyptian ideal of a monk. Subjects inclu... Learn More
  • The Teachings of the Church Fathers

    The Teachings of the Church Fathers
    John Willis SJ

    Code: B0961
    This compendium of texts from the Church Fathers is divided into more than 250 doctrinal topics, to form a comprehensive selection and useful suppleme... Learn More
  • Roman Catacombs

    Roman Catacombs
    Rev. James Spencer Northcote

    Code: B2818
    £12.46 £11.50
    A History of the Christian City Beneath Pagan Rome.Enter into the shadows of the Roman catacombs where early Christians attended Mass and hid in fea... Learn More
  • Understanding the Ordinariate

    Understanding the Ordinariate
    Fr Edward Tomlinson

    Code: B3025
    In 2009 Pope Benedict XVI formally responded to petitions for closer unity from many of the Anglican patrimony. Thus, the Personal Ordinariates were c... Learn More
  • Mary Tudor - England’s first Queen Regnant

    Mary Tudor - England’s first Queen Regnant
    Gregory Slysz

    Code: B2501
    "Truth is the daughter of Time". Although several books on Queen Mary have been published in recent years, they are overly academic in nature. This vo... Learn More
  • The Tudor Cistercians

    The Tudor Cistercians
    David H Williams

    Code: B2365
    David Williams portrays every aspect of the life of the Cistercian monks and nuns of England and Wales in the half-century prior to the complete extin... Learn More
  • The Tiara and the Test Tube

    The Tiara and the Test Tube
    Paul Haffner

    Code: B2363
    The Pope and Science from the Medieval Period to the Present. A popular myth put about by secularists is that between the Church and science the relat... Learn More
  • Great Orders of the Catholic Church

    Great Orders of the Catholic Church
    Harry Schnitker

    Code: B2302
    From very early in her history the Church has been filled with men and women who have dedicated themselves exclusively to God in the religious life. O... Learn More
  • Come Rack! Come Rope!

    Come Rack! Come Rope!
    Robert Hugh Benson

    Code: B1381
    Some years before this book was written, H. Belloc wrote that R. Benson would be "the man to write some day a book to give us some sort of idea what h... Learn More
  • Seven Lies About Catholic History

    Seven Lies About Catholic History
    Diane Moczar

    Code: B1695
    Infamous Myths about the Church's Past and How to Answer Them. The world hates the Church that Jesus founded, just as He said it would (John 15:18). I... Learn More
  • School of Darkness

    School of Darkness
    Bella V Dodd

    Code: B1745
    The record of a life and of a conflict between two faiths. Bella Dodd was a member of the Communist Party's National Committee that tried to infiltrat... Learn More

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