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Marvels and Miracles

Marvels and Miracles

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  • Relics from the Crucifixion

    Relics from the Crucifixion
    J Charles Wall

    Code: B2636
    Where They Went and How They Got There. The Jews usually burned the crosses used by the Romans after executions but following Jesus' crucifixion they ... Learn More
  • Relics

    Joan Carroll Cruz

    Code: B2009
    Scripture speaks of miracles wrought through relics: a dead man was raised when Elisha’s bones touched him, and the clothing of Jesus and His apostl... Learn More
  • Nothing Short of a Miracle

    Nothing Short of a Miracle
    Patricia Treece

    Code: B2207
    £16.63 £14.50
    In these pages, you’ll learn of countless miraculous healings that have occurred in our lifetime through the intercession of the saints. Among these... Learn More
  • True or False Possession?

    True or False Possession?
    Jean Lhermitte

    Code: B2209
    £10.68 £9.50
    How to Distinguish the Demonic from the Demented. Unhinged or unholy? Fiend or fraud? That’s what authorities had to decide about the French nun Mar... Learn More
  • Miraculous Images of Our Lord

    Miraculous Images of Our Lord
    Joan Carroll Cruz

    Code: B0143
    42 true accounts about miraculous manifestations of Our Lord from various parts of the globe, richly illustrated by actual photos. Miraculous statues,... Learn More
  • Bleeding Hands, Weeping Stone

    Bleeding Hands, Weeping Stone
    Elizabeth Ficocelli

    Code: B1626
    True Stories of Divine Wonders, Miracles, and Messages. Miracles are real! Popular Catholic author and speaker, Elizabeth Ficocelli reveals signs of G... Learn More
  • The Two Divine Promises

    The Two Divine Promises
    Fr. Hoppe

    Code: B1148
    Two powerful private revelations of Our Lord. Says that anyone who receives Holy Communion worthily 30 consecutive days and says certain prayers, will... Learn More
  • Hungry Souls

    Hungry Souls
    Gerard J.M. Van Den Aardweg

    Code: B1627
    Supernatural Visits, Messages, and Warnings from Purgatory. After a week of hearing ghostly noises, a man is visited in his home by the spirit of his... Learn More
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