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  • Treasures of the Mass

    Treasures of the Mass
    Benedict Sisters of Perpetual Adoration

    Code: B2762
    A devotional explanation of the prayers, ceremonies, and mysteries of the Holy Sacrifice, and of the benefits to be derived from devout participation.... Learn More
  • How to Get More out of Holy Communion

    How to Get More out of Holy Communion
    St Peter Eymard

    Code: B2653
    £12.46 £11.50
    Gain more grace — and more joy — from Holy Communion. If going to Mass and taking Communion has become just another routine for you, don't assume... Learn More
  • The How to book of the Mass

    The How to book of the Mass
    Michael Dubruiel

    Code: B0730
    Maybe you are a recent convert, or perhaps you've attended Mass your whole life, but there are still things that puzzle you, like: when you should gen... Learn More
  • The Mass of the Early Christians

    The Mass of the Early Christians
    Mike Aquilina

    Code: B0105
    In this book, respected author, scholar, and television host Mike Aquilina reveals the Church's most ancient Eucharistic beliefs and practices. Using ... Learn More
  • The Holy Mass

    The Holy Mass
    Dom Prosper Gueranger

    Code: B1139
    Dom Prosper Gueranger (1805-1875) devoted himself to liturgical scholarship, polemics, and the establishment of Benedictine communities in France. The... Learn More
  • The Lamb's Supper

    The Lamb's Supper
    Scott Hahn

    Code: B0108
    The Mass as Heaven on Earth. The Lamb's Supper reveals a long lost secret of the Church: the early Christians' key to understanding the mysteries of t... Learn More
  • Come Rack! Come Rope!

    Come Rack! Come Rope!
    Robert Hugh Benson

    Code: B1381
    Some years before this book was written, H. Belloc wrote that R. Benson would be “the man to write some day a book to give us some sort of idea what... Learn More
  • Meditations before Mass

    Meditations before Mass
    Fr Romano Guardini

    Code: B2276
    With an Introduction by Archbishop Samuel J Aquila. The profound wisdom found in this Romano Guardini classic will help you to quiet your soul, concen... Learn More
  • Transforming your Life through the Eucharist

    Transforming your Life through the Eucharist
    Fr John A Kane

    Code: B1664
    The Holy Eucharist has nourished the Faith of Catholics for centuries -- but it’s all too easy to let routine dull your sense of the transforming po... Learn More
  • The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

    The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
    Michael McGukian, SJ

    Code: B1010
    A Search for an Acceptable Notion of Sacrifice. In this insightful and stirring work, Rev McGukian asks how the Eucharist can rightly be called a sacr... Learn More
  • The Wonders of the Mass

    The Wonders of the Mass
    Fr Paul O'Sullivan, O.P.

    Code: B0158
    Says that "the Mass is the greatest wonder in the world," seconded only by "the next greatest wonder…the indifference and ignorance of Catholics reg... Learn More
  • God is Near Us: The Eucharist, The Heart of Life

    God is Near Us: The Eucharist, The Heart of Life
    Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI)

    Code: B0639
    Cardinal Ratzinger compellingly shows us the biblical, historical, and theological dimensions of the Eucharist. From these he draws far reaching concl... Learn More
  • How to Make a Good Confession

    How to Make a Good Confession
    Fr. John A. Kane

    Code: B2275
    £9.13 £8.50
    How to make your Confessions less difficult and more fruitful. If you still drag your feet about going to Confession, here's the help you need to enab... Learn More
  • Confession made easy

    Confession made easy
    Rev Fructuosus Hockenmajer, OFM

    Code: B2455
    The confessor’s heart often grows sad, when he sees how many Christians are unable to distinguish between mortal and venial sin and, therefore, have... Learn More
  • Confession


    Code: B2123
    Deepen your love and appreciation for this beautiful sacrament with this brand new booklet on Confession, published by SSPX. This comprehensive book w... Learn More
  • Confession: Its Fruitful Practice

    Confession: Its Fruitful Practice
    Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration

    Code: B1044
    This wonderful and practical little book explains clearly and thoroughly how to make a good Confession but in much greater detail than covered in most... Learn More
  • Lord, Have Mercy

    Lord, Have Mercy
    Scott Hahn

    Code: B0596
    The Healing Power of Confession. Hahn argues that the sacrament of confession is the key to spiritual growth, more relevant than ever in these times ... Learn More
  • Forgive us our Trespasses

    Forgive us our Trespasses
    Mother Mary Loyola

    Code: B2949
    Mother Loyola's work on the subject of Confession is not merely groundbreaking, but seems to form one of the most crucial of her strengths, given that... Learn More
  • Why Go to Confession?

    Why Go to Confession?
    Fr John Flader

    Code: B1578
    Read about the benefits and practice of the sacrament. The purpose of this booklet is to help those who make use of the sacrament to appreciate it mor... Learn More
  • The Secret of Confession

    The Secret of Confession
    Fr Paul O'Sullivan, O.P.

    Code: B0145
    Probably the most intriguing and consoling book ever written about the Sacrament of Confession. This little gem contains a host of true stories about ... Learn More
  • The Sinner's Guide

    The Sinner's Guide
    Venerable Louis Of Grenada

    Code: B1043
    In the Sinner's Guide, Venerable Louis de Granada proves himself a masterful spiritual director, showing how life in Christ is a beautiful way of life... Learn More
  • Sacrament of Reconciliation: The Mercy of Christ

    Sacrament of Reconciliation: The Mercy of Christ
    Vivian Boland OP

    Code: B1577
    Understanding and experiencing the mercy of God. The sacrament of Reconciliation is where every Christian can experience that the joy of repentance an... Learn More
  • Sensus Fidei

    Sensus Fidei
    International Theological Commission

    Code: B2353
    The International Theological Commission addresses a controversial and often misused term. At different times in the history of the Church, the instin... Learn More
  • A Simple Penance Book

    A Simple Penance Book
    Revised by Mgr Paul Grogan

    Code: B0763
    Pope Francis says "God never tires of forgiving us; we are the ones who tire of seeking his mercy". The practice of Confession, Penance and Reconcilia... Learn More
  • Abide in My Love

    Abide in My Love
    Michael J Miller, translator

    Code: B2781
    £16.50 £14.95
    Based on the 6th French edition (Paris: Téqui) This book was composed shortly after World War I by an Italian priest who wished to remain anonymous. ... Learn More
  • A Rule for the Clergy

    A Rule for the Clergy

    Code: B3126
    Meditations on Ordained Pastoral Ministry. There are many challenges faced by clergy working in pastoral situations. Bishops, priests, and deacons oft... Learn More
  • On the Religious Life

    On the Religious Life
    Dom Prosper Gueranger

    Code: B1914
    What are religious? What does the Lord ask of them? What should their interior attitude be to poverty, chastity, obedience, and to the everyday demand... Learn More
  • The Priest: The Man of God

    The Priest: The Man of God
    St. Joseph Cafasso

    Code: B1888
    His Dignity and Duties. If every priest in the Church knew this book and practiced what it says, we would have a different Church. Says the priesthood... Learn More
  • On the Sanctification of Priests According to the Needs of Our Times

    On the Sanctification of Priests According to the Needs of Our Times
    Rev Fr Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange

    Code: B2396
    This short work has been translated from Latin. It shows the duty that priests, religious and laity have for tending to perfection according to their ... Learn More
  • The Sacred Heart and the Priesthood

    The Sacred Heart and the Priesthood
    Mother Louise Margaret Claret

    Code: B1143
    From her lifetime conversations with Our Lord; written to strengthen priests in the love of their sublime vocation and unite them more closely to the ... Learn More
  • Counsels to Confessors

    Counsels to Confessors
    Saint Leonard of Port Maurice

    Code: B1758
    A discourse addressed to an assembly of missionary priests. This book is exactly what the title implies, sound advice for the healing of souls in the ... Learn More
  • Mothers of Priests

    Mothers of Priests
    Fr. Robert Quardt, S.C.J.

    Code: B1528
    This book praises mothers responsible for their sons' priestly vocation: the mothers of Saint Bernard and Saint John Bosco; Alice Rolls, mother of ten... Learn More

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