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Year of Mercy

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  • Misericordiae Vultus

    Misericordiae Vultus
    Pope Francis

    Code: B2493
    Bull of Indiction of the Extraordinary Year of Mercy. From the beginning of his Pontificate, Pope Francis has made it his priority to carry God’s m... Learn More
  • God’s Healing Mercy

    God’s Healing Mercy
    Kathleen Beckman

    Code: B2633
    £15.79 £12.50
    Finding Your Path to Forgiveness, Peace, and Joy. A perfect companion for the Year of Mercy. “Do we believe that Jesus can heal us and bring us back... Learn More
  • A Holy Year in Rome

    A Holy Year in Rome
    Joan Lewis

    Code: B2634
    £14.25 £11.50
    The Complete Pilgrim’s Guide for the Year of Mercy. In this definitive guide to the Jubilee of Mercy, EWTN’s Rome Correspondent, Joan Lewis, take... Learn More
  • The Door of Mercy

    The Door of Mercy
    Fr Ivano Millico

    Code: B2618
    in the words and life of Pope Francis. The new ‘Jubilee of Mercy’ announced by Pope Francis is of great significance. Drawing from his biography, ... Learn More
  • Spiritual Works of Mercy

    Spiritual Works of Mercy
    Mgr Paul Grogan

    Code: B2619
    Most Christians want to live an active faith yet feel perplexed about how to do so. The seven interconnected ‘spiritual works of mercy’ come to ou... Learn More
  • Corporal Works of Mercy

    Corporal Works of Mercy
    Mgr Richard Atherton

    Code: B2631
    Feeding the hungry and thirsty, clothing the naked, housing the homeless, visiting the imprisoned, the sick, and burying the dead – Pope Francis wan... Learn More
  • Mercy Works

    Mercy Works
    Mark P. Shea

    Code: B2620
    The spiritual and corporal works of mercy are not a list to be learnt but actions to be lived. Mark Shea gives great examples of people who have perf... Learn More
  • Purgatory: A Mystery of Love

    Purgatory: A Mystery of Love
    Fr Donncha Ó hAodha

    Code: B2621
    Does purgatory exist? If so, where, and why? What does the Bible say? What does the Church teach? What sense can be made of indulgences? This engagin... Learn More

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