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Catholic Life

Catholic Life

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  • As it is in Heaven

    As it is in Heaven
    Gary Potter

    Code: B2840
    £12.50 £10.95
    Christian Living and Social Order. Gary Potter has been a Catholic journalist and writer of the first rank for over fifty years. As a convert to the F... Learn More
  • Mother Angelica on God, His Home and His Angels

    Mother Angelica on God, His Home and His Angels
    Mother Angelica

    Code: B3051
    £12.46 £11.50
    How can I experience God? What are His angels like? What will I know, feel, and sense in Heaven? In these insightful pages, Mother Angelica answers th... Learn More
  • Mother Angelica on Suffering and Burnout

    Mother Angelica on Suffering and Burnout
    Mother Angelica

    Code: B2786
    £12.46 £11.50
    From the spiritual writings and reflections of Mother Angelica comes this lucid and life-transforming book for anyone who struggles with suffering, or... Learn More
  • Spiritual Combat

    Spiritual Combat
    Lorenzo Scupoli

    Code: B2794
    How to Win Your Spiritual Battles and Attain Inner Peace. St. Francis de Sales carried a copy of this book in his pocket for 18 years!Its wisdom fo... Learn More
  • Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit

    Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit
    Kevin Vost

    Code: B2793
    Every Spiritual Warrior's Guide to God's Invincible Gifts. Many of us fail to recognize that obtaining the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit is absolute... Learn More
  • From Grief to Grace

    From Grief to Grace
    Jeannie Ewing

    Code: B2740
    £13.29 £10.50
    The Journey from Tragedy to Triumph. Grief touches all of our lives, but it does not have to paralyze us with fear or inaction. God allows suffering b... Learn More
  • Do-It-Yourself Retreat

    Do-It-Yourself Retreat
    Fr André Ravier, SJ

    Code: B2771
    “It could happen that a person would want to make the Spiritual Exercises but could only devote eight days to following the prescribed meditations a... Learn More
  • Retreat for Everyday Life

    Retreat for Everyday Life
    Fr Paul Dobson

    Code: B2702
    Inspired by Ronald Knox. There are moments when we need some ‘time out’, away from the busyness and the routine of everyday life. We need prime t... Learn More
  • In the School of Jesus

    In the School of Jesus
    Rev. Cassian Karg, O.M.Cap.

    Code: B2611
    A deep interior life, hidden in God, is the most precious thing we have on earth.“We can never do too much to fill the hearts of men with love fo... Learn More
  • Meditations on the Christ

    Meditations on the Christ
    Fr Romano Guardini

    Code: B2651
    £11.96 £8.95
    Model of All Holiness. These pages don’t tell you what Jesus did — you know that already! Instead, they take you into the mind and heart of the S... Learn More
  • Sermon in a Sentence - Saint Padre Pio

    Sermon in a Sentence - Saint Padre Pio
    John P McClernon

    Code: B3170
    This handy little book contains hundreds of direct quotes and short sayings of St. Pius of Pietrelcina (better known as Padre Pio), arranged according... Learn More
  • Difficulties in Mental Prayer

    Difficulties in Mental Prayer
    Dom Eugene Boylan OCSO

    Code: B3173
    "When we speak to God, we must mean what we say; we must practice what we have promised; we must show forth in work what we say in word." -- Dom Eugen... Learn More
  • The Way of Interior Peace

    The Way of Interior Peace
    Rev Father de Lehen, SJ

    Code: B2540
    £17.01 £13.50
    Dedicated to Our Lady of Peace. An excellent book for anyone who wishes to serve God in peace of heart and mind, this book is a true guide to tranquil... Learn More
  • Praying for Priests

    Praying for Priests
    Kathleen Beckman

    Code: B2481
    £15.96 £12.50
    Foreword by Fr Mitch Pacwa, SJ. History has taught us the power of intercessory prayer, and nobody is in more need of our prayers than Catholic priest... Learn More
  • Thy Will Be Done!

    Thy Will Be Done!
    Saint Francis de Sales

    Code: B2482
    £14.13 £12.95
    How to do God's will joyfully . . . regardless of your circumstances!Three centuries ago, people flocked to St. Francis de Sales, seeking his help f... Learn More
  • Little Book of Holy Gratitude

    Little Book of Holy Gratitude
    Fr Frederick Faber

    Code: B2739
    Sharp penance for remembered sins helps stouthearted Christians seize heaven, but gentler souls like Our Blessed Lady and scores of her saints have tr... Learn More
  • Hidden Power of Kindness

    Hidden Power of Kindness
    Fr. Lawrence G. Lovasik

    Code: B2472
    £16.63 £12.95
    Transform yourself — and the world — through kindness!Kindness counts. If you have trouble acting with the consistent kindness our Lord expects,... Learn More
  • Patience and Humility

    Patience and Humility
    Fr. William Ullathorne

    Code: B2792
    A Handbook for Christians. Find lasting happiness through the two virtues that lead to all others: patience and humility.Heroism, self-denial, and ... Learn More
  • Patience

    Fr Lasance

    Code: B2488
    Originally printed in 1937, this little book is quite a treasure! Subtitled "Thoughts on the Patient Endurance of Sorrows and Sufferings", contains p... Learn More
  • Kindness

    Fr Lasance

    Code: B2489
    Originally printed in 1938, this is another little treasure created by Fr. Lasance! Subtitled "The Bloom of Charity, Thoughts on Fraternal Charity", t... Learn More
  • Scruples and Sainthood

    Scruples and Sainthood
    Trent Beattie

    Code: B1757
    Are you deeply concerned about religion, not simply as a devout soul, but to the point of being frantic? Are little, inconsequential things the occasi... Learn More
  • All for Jesus

    All for Jesus
    Father William Frederick Faber

    Code: B2343
    Or The Easy Ways of Divine Love. One of Fr. Faber’s greatest books, it was written precisely to help us save our souls by serving Jesus out of love,... Learn More
  • How to Find God

    How to Find God
    Dom Hubert Van Zeller

    Code: B2471
    £13.56 £9.50
    ... and Discover Your True Self in the Process. These pages give you practical help to look honestly at yourself — and by doing so, to attain the de... Learn More
  • The Little Book of the Holy Spirit

    The Little Book of the Holy Spirit
    Fr Bede Jarrett

    Code: B2291
    Meet the Holy Spirit — who dwells within you, loving you, sanctifying you, guarding you, and leading you in the ways of prayer and virtue. In these ... Learn More
  • 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit

    7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit
    Fr Richard Conrad, OP

    Code: B2926
    An introduction to living with the Holy Spirit and the gifts it brings. Every Christian who has been confirmed has received the fullness of the seven ... Learn More
  • Christian Self-Mastery

    Christian Self-Mastery
    Fr. Basil W. Maturin

    Code: B2156
    £12.76 £9.50
    How to resist temptation, strengthen your will, govern your thoughts, and find balance of soul! This is the book you need for those times in your life... Learn More
  • I Believe in Love

    I Believe in Love
    Fr. Jean C. J. D'Elbee

    Code: B2163
    £15.79 £13.50
    The key to happiness from one who found it in joyful abundance: St. Thérèse of Lisieux.This spiritual classic has long been beloved by Catholics for... Learn More
  • Learning the Virtues

    Learning the Virtues
    Fr Romano Guardini

    Code: B2274
    There’s more to goodness than keeping the Commandments: you’ve got to cultivate virtue, too, so that you please God in what you do — not merely ... Learn More
  • The Art of Praying

    The Art of Praying
    Fr Romano Guardini

    Code: B2290
    £13.52 £10.50
    This remarkable book offers practical ways you can improve your prayers today and grow closer to God. The topics include: - How to pray well even when... Learn More
  • Sign of the Cross

    Sign of the Cross
    St. Francis De Sales

    Code: B2172
    The Fifteen Most Powerful Words in the English Language. Translated by: Christopher O. Blum. From the young St. Francis de Sales’s heroic efforts to... Learn More
  • Humility of Heart

    Humility of Heart
    Rev. Cajetan da Bergamo

    Code: B1145
    Newly typeset and repunctuated edition. Our Lord said, "Learn of me, because I am meek, and humble of heart." (Matt 11:29) And also, "Amen, I say to y... Learn More
  • Seven Deadly Sins

    Seven Deadly Sins
    Kevin Vost Psy. D.

    Code: B2523
    £15.16 £11.95
    The seven deadly sins are generals leading a vast and deadly army. The soldiers are a variety of sins and misdeeds, and the capital sins are the offic... Learn More
  • The Seven Capital Sins

    The Seven Capital Sins
    Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration

    Code: B1121
    Everyone, unfortunately, will see himself described in the pages of this little book, since all our sins are traceable to these seven roots: Pride, Co... Learn More

Items 1 to 36 of 179 total

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