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Other Religions

Other Religions

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  • The Jesus Prayer

    The Jesus Prayer
    Bishop Kallistos Ware

    Code: B2580
    The Jesus Prayer is the most popular devotional prayer in the Orthodox Church and increasingly popular in the West. A simple and direct method of invo... Learn More
  • On the Invocation of the Name of Jesus

    On the Invocation of the Name of Jesus
    Lev Gillet, A Monk of the Eastern Church

    Code: B0889
    The invocation of the Name of Jesus is a way of prayer more familiar to Christians of the East than of the West. In the Orthodox Church it is known as... Learn More
  • The Mountain of Silence

    The Mountain of Silence
    Kyriacos C Markidas

    Code: B0119
    A Search for Orthodox Spirituality. A fascinating look at the Greek Orthodox approach to spirituality that will appeal to modern seekers. "A fascinati... Learn More
  • Festival Icons of the Christian Year

    Festival Icons of the Christian Year
    John Baggley

    Code: B2114
    The beauty of Orthodox Christian icons is being appreciated more and more in the Western world. But this beauty is not only to be understood artistica... Learn More
  • How to Pray with Icons

    How to Pray with Icons
    Myroslaw Tataryn

    Code: B1312
    How to Pray with Icons is a simple, engaging way of introducing readers of all ages to icons and reflective prayer. Its colourful icons - "windows in... Learn More
  • Celtic Daily Prayer: Book 1

    Celtic Daily Prayer: Book 1
    The Northumbria Community

    Code: B3085
    A revised edition of this classic compendium of readings and prayers for every day of the year, with Celtic themes and inspiration. The first in a two... Learn More
  • Celtic Daily Prayer: Book 2

    Celtic Daily Prayer: Book 2
    The Northumbria Community

    Code: B3086
    A brand new two-year collection of daily readings and prayers, with Celtic themes and inspiration.Building on the foundations set down in the first ... Learn More
  • Journeys on the Edges: The Celtic Tradition

    Journeys on the Edges: The Celtic Tradition
    Thomas O'Loughlin

    Code: B3039
    Thomas O'Loughlin's fresh and original introduction to Celtic spirituality begins by questioning the very notion of a distinctively 'Celtic' spiritual... Learn More
  • Following the Celtic Way

    Following the Celtic Way
    Ian Bradley

    Code: B3043
    A quarter-century after writing the acclaimed The Celtic Way, Ian Bradley, one of the foremost experts on the spiritual beliefs and practices of the i... Learn More
  • Celtic Prayers from Iona

    Celtic Prayers from Iona
    J Phillip Newell

    Code: B3063
    Based on the rhythms and images of Celtic oral tradition, these morning and evening prayers are a week's cycle of daily worship used by the ecumenical... Learn More
  • Book of Creation

    Book of Creation
    J Phillip Newell

    Code: B3061
    A teacher of Celtic spirituality reflects on the revelatory power of God's creation and offers practical ways people can integrate it with daily life.... Learn More
  • Celtic Spirituality

    Celtic Spirituality
    Dr Oliver Davies

    Code: B3064
    This volume offers translations of numerous texts from the Celtic tradition from the sixth through the thirteenth centuries, in a cross-section of gen... Learn More
  • The World's Religions

    The World's Religions
    Huston Smith

    Code: B0418
    Explores the essential elements and teachings of the world's predominant faiths. Emphasises the inner, rather than institutional dimensions of these ... Learn More
  • A World Religions Bible

    A World Religions Bible
    Robert Van de Weyer

    Code: B0511
    From as far back in time as history records, human beings have sought the truth-some order or entity that unifies all existence. Sometimes these have ... Learn More
  • Peace Prayers

    Peace Prayers
    Roger Grainger

    Code: B2352
    From the World's Faiths. Religions contribute to wars, but they can also contribute to peace. They are its necessary foundation. Here eight different ... Learn More

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