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Inter-Religious Dialogue

Interreligious dialogue is a challenging process by which adherents of differing religious traditions encounter each other in order to break down the walls of division that stand at the center of most wars. The objective of interreligious dialogue is peace.

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  • The World's Religions

    The World's Religions
    Huston Smith

    Code: B0418
    Explores the essential elements and teachings of the world's predominant faiths. Emphasises the inner, rather than institutional dimensions of these ... Learn More
  • A World Religions Bible

    A World Religions Bible
    Robert Van de Weyer

    Code: B0511
    From as far back in time as history records, human beings have sought the truth-some order or entity that unifies all existence. Sometimes these have ... Learn More
  • Peace Prayers

    Peace Prayers
    Roger Grainger

    Code: B2352
    From the World's Faiths. Religions contribute to wars, but they can also contribute to peace. They are its necessary foundation. Here eight different ... Learn More

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