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Liturgy of the Hours (Traditional)

Liturgy of the Hours (Traditional)

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  • Breviarium Romanum 1962 - 2 Volume Set

    Breviarium Romanum 1962 - 2 Volume Set

    Code: B1890
    This Two Volume set of the Breviarium Romanum 1962 contains the complete canonical hours of the day. This particular edition was prepared by the Pries... Learn More
  • Breviary Inserts (4-card set)

    Breviary Inserts (4-card set)

    Code: B2516
    Four inserts for Latin Breviary - in Latin only. Ad Laudes and Ad Vesperam Benedictiones, Hymnus Ambrosianus, Antiphonae Finales B. Mariae Virginae... Learn More
  • Divine Office  (Officium Divinum)

    Divine Office (Officium Divinum)

    Code: B1333
    Latin/English Prayer of the Church containing the most critical hours of the Divine Office for the layman in the world. Prime is the Morning Prayer, C... Learn More
  • Vespers


    Code: B2759
    £39.95 £34.95
    Vespers, the traditional evening prayer of the Church, has spiritually sustained the faithful for nearly two millennia. Although painfully absent from... Learn More
  • Compline


    Code: B2508
    Miserere mihi, Domine, et exaudi orationem meam. These words, "Have pity on me, Lord, and hear my prayer" are the antiphon that precedes the first psa... Learn More
  • Roman Martyrology - Red hardbound

    Roman Martyrology - Red hardbound

    Code: B1501
    £32.95 £29.95
    The Roman Martyrology ("In which are to be found the eulogies of the Saints and Blessed approved by the Sacred Congregation of Rites up to 1961) is an... Learn More
  • Learning the New Breviary

    Learning the New Breviary
    Fr Bernard A Hausmann

    Code: B1523
    The title word “new" is rather misleading today, as it actually refers to the new code of rubrics promulgated in July 1960 for the traditional Roman... Learn More
  • Litany in Honour of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King

    Litany in Honour of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King
    Rev. Joseph Wolf

    Code: B2614
    Contains the Litany in Honour of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King in Latin and in English. Also contains Indulgenced Prayer to Christ the King and Dedic... Learn More
  • Monastic Diurnal

    Monastic Diurnal

    Code: B1063
    The Day Hours of the Monastic Breviary in Latin and English. A republication of the 1963 edition of the Benedictine hours of Prime, Lauds, Terce, Sex... Learn More

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