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Lives of Saints for Children

Lives of Saints for Children

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  1. Child's Book of Saints

    Child's Book of Saints
    William Canton

    Code: B2939
    Young people--boys and girls alike--will delight in these stories of the saints, many of which will be entirely new to them, as the author has brought out several stories of less-well-known early British saints. Learn More
  2. The Children of La Salette

    The Children of La Salette
    Mary Fabyan Windeatt

    Code: B3201
    Over 50 years before three shepherd children in Fatima saw a beautiful, mysterious Lady, two similarly innocent children beheld the same Lady heartbroken, crying with her face in her hands. Learn More
  3. The Children of Fatima

    The Children of Fatima
    Mary Fabyan Windeatt

    Code: B3200
    And Our Lady's Message to the World. "What if nothing happens on the 13th? Aren't you afraid people will laugh at you?" asked the parish priest as he looked closely at 10-year-old Lucia. "Oh no, Father!" replied Lucia. "I know something wonderful is going to happen on the 13th. The Lady told us so." Learn More
  4. The Little Flower

    The Little Flower
    Mary Fabyan Windeatt

    Code: B3202
    The Story of St. Therese of the Child Jesus. "Papa, what's the new baby's name?" asked one of the Martin girls.Little Therese was "the baby" of the Martin family. She was also her Papa's "Little Queen." Learn More
  5. The Miraculous Medal

    The Miraculous Medal
    Mary Fabyan Windeatt

    Code: B3203
    The Story of Our Lady's Appearances to Saint Catherine Laboure. Sister, it couldn't have happened! declared the priest. "It was all a dream, like the other time." But Sister Catherine was sure she had truly seen Our Lady. Learn More
  6. Saint Catherine of Siena

    Saint Catherine of Siena
    Mary Fabyan Windeatt

    Code: B3194
    The Story of the Girl Who Saw Saints in the Sky. The story for children 10 and up of St. Catherine of Siena, the young woman who brought the Pope back to Rome from France and converted thousands of people. Learn More
  7. Saint Benedict

    Saint Benedict
    Mary Fabyan Windeatt

    Code: B3195
    The Story Of The Father Of The Western Monks. The famous life and great miracles of St. Benedict, for all children 10 and up. The story of poisoned wine, saving a body from drowning, raising one from the dead, plus, how he founded the Benedictine Order, his sister, St. Scholastica, etc. Learn More
  8. St Dominic

    St Dominic
    Mary Fabyan Windeatt

    Code: B3196
    Preacher of the Rosary and Founder of the Dominican Order. The incredible story for youth of the man who received the Rosary from Our Lady, defeated the Albigensian Heresy, raised the dead, triumphed over the devil, founded the Dominican Order and worked countless miracles. Impr. Learn More
  9. St Louis De Montfort

    St Louis De Montfort
    Mary Fabyan Windeatt

    Code: B3197
    The Story of Our Lady's Slave. Though written for youth, this is also the best biography for adults of St. Louis De Montfort, the "Apostle of Mary", famous preacher and author of True Devotion to Mary and The Secret of the Rosary. Truly inspiring! Impr. Learn More
  10. St Margaret Mary

    St Margaret Mary
    Mary Fabyan Windeatt

    Code: B3198
    And the Promises of the Sacred Heart of JesusThe story for children ten and up of the revelations of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to a holy French nun, including the Great First Friday Promise, her painful childhood, troubles in the convent, St. Claude, the apparitions and her many penances. Impr. Learn More
  11. Saint Thomas Aquinas

    Saint Thomas Aquinas
    Mary Fabyan Windeatt

    Code: B3199
    The Story of the the Dumb Ox. Shows how St. Thomas was big, quiet and slow to speak, thus being called the "Dumb Ox" by fellow students. Shows for children 10 and up how this "Dumb Ox" became the greatest teacher in the history of the Church. Impr. Learn More
  12. The Life of Mary

    The Life of Mary
    Edited by Inos Biffi

    Code: B1346
    This vibrantly illustrated meditation on the life of the Mother of God draws the reader into a greater appreciation of her role in the life of her son and the Church. Learn More
  13. The Life of Mary for Children

    The Life of Mary for Children
    Sr Karen Cavanaugh, CSJ

    Code: B1290
    Colour illustrated booklet introduces Mary, the Mother of God, with the life of Mary, prayers to Mary, including the Rosary, seven famous devotions/apparitions of Mary, and list of Feasts. Learn More
  14. Saint John Mary Vianney - the Cure d'Ars

    Saint John Mary Vianney - the Cure d'Ars
    Silvia Vecchini

    Code: B2554
    The amazing story of the ordinary parish priest who transformed his parish and worked great miracles. Read with children aged 5 and up. Independent reading from age 7. Learn More
  15. Saint Joseph

    Saint Joseph
    Francesca Fabris

    Code: B1962
    The life of Mary's husband and Jesus' foster father for children. Accompanied by vivid illustrations, this re-telling of the life of St Joseph shows how he followed God by loving Mary his wife, and acting as foster-father to the child Jesus. Learn More
  16. The Rhymed Life of St Patrick

    The Rhymed Life of St Patrick
    Katharine Tynan

    Code: B3036
    "…in lively recitative ballad verse, Katharine Tynan tells the entire story of St. Patrick, without missing a single incident of any significance or importance. Learn More
  17. Story of St Elizabeth of Hungary

    Story of St Elizabeth of Hungary
    William Canton

    Code: B2991
    Those who delight in Canton's other well-loved children's books, A Child's Book of Saints and A Child's Book of Warriors, will find much to satisfy in his Story of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. Learn More
  18. Book of Saints and Heroes

    Book of Saints and Heroes
    Leonora Blanche Lang

    Code: B2934
    Andrew Lang was an Oxford fellow and Scotsman who had a distinguished career as a poet, novelist and historian. His wife Leonora was extremely well-educated herself, having translated a history of Russia from the French and written several other books of her own. Learn More
  19. Legends & Stories of Italy

    Legends & Stories of Italy
    Amy Steedman

    Code: B2964
    The stories of saints and sinners alike populate the pages of this unique book for children. Under the author's loving touch, these enchanting tales come alive with scenes of old Italy, Learn More
  20. Heroes of God's Church

    Heroes of God's Church
    Rev. P. Henry Matimore

    Code: B3158
    This fifth grade volume in the Madonna Series is intended as a study in virtue using the stories of the Saints. Each one is presented, not merely as a two-dimensional figure for admiration, or a miracle worker, but as a real human in real-world situations, Learn More
  21. Wonder Stories of God's People

    Wonder Stories of God's People
    Rev. P. Henry Matimore

    Code: B3157
    This second volume in the Madonna Series, intended for the fourth grade, follows on from the Bible stories found in its predecessor, A Child's Garden of Religion Stories. Learn More
  22. Child's Book of Warriors

    Child's Book of Warriors
    William Canton

    Code: B2940
    Young people - boys and girls alike - will delight in these stories of warriors who in all ages have defended the right and fought for high ideals.William Canton was a journalist, poet and an author of children's books such as The Invisible Playmate (1894), W.V., Her Book (1896/97), and W.V.' Learn More
  23. Picture Book of Saints

    Picture Book of Saints
    Rev. Lawrence Lovasik, S.V.D.

    Code: B0474
    Beautifully illustrated lives of the Saints for young and old. Hardback colour with 124 pages Learn More
  24. Lives of saints for Boys

    Lives of saints for Boys
    Savary and Luberoff

    Code: B0476
    Colour booklet of the lives of popular male saints. Learn More
  25. Lives of Saints for Girls

    Lives of Saints for Girls
    Savary and Luberoff

    Code: B0563
    Colour booklet of the lives of popular female saints. Learn More
  26. Patron Saint of First Communicants: The Story of Blessed Imelda Lambertini

    Patron Saint of First Communicants: The Story of Blessed Imelda Lambertini
    Mary Fabyan Windeatt

    Code: B3090

    Sorry, out of stock

    Gifts were piled high for 5-year-old Imelda's birthday. Imelda was delighted, but still she asked, "I was wondering if I could have just one more present." "Greedy girl!" laughed her father. Unfortunately, her parents could not give her this one present--Our Lord in Holy Communion. Learn More
  27. Saint Rose of Lima

    Saint Rose of Lima
    Mary Fabyan Windeatt

    Code: B3217

    Sorry, out of stock

    The Story Of The First Canonized Saint Of The Americas. The story for children 10 and up of St. Rose of Lima, who became a hermit in her own home - rather than go to a convent - and how she became a great Saint. Learn More
  28. Saint Clare of Assisi

    Saint Clare of Assisi
    Francesca Fabris

    Code: B2073

    Sorry, out of stock

    The story of St Clare, the great contemporary of St Francis of Assisi. The story of St Clare is one of great love for both God and neighbour. In this simply-told biography aimed at children, Clare is shown as someone who followed God's call all her life long. Learn More
  29. Saint Peter

    Saint Peter
    Elena Pascoletti

    Code: B2232

    Sorry, out of stock

    A beautifully illustrated life of the friend of Jesus and first Pope. St Peter started life as a simple fisherman in Galilee and ended as head of the Church and a martyr in Rome. This is the wonderful story of how friendship with Jesus can change our lives and the world. Learn More
  30. Padre Pio

    Padre Pio
    Francesca Fabris

    Code: B2233

    Sorry, out of stock

    A beautifully illustrated life of a much loved saint. Padre Pio was a humble friar from a small town in Southern Italy who spent all of his life bringing people back to Jesus. He became famous for his miracles and his stigmata but the confessional was his life's work. Learn More
  31. 101 Saints and Special People

    101 Saints and Special People
    Kathleen Pearce

    Code: B1206

    Sorry, out of stock

    This large format hardback gives a fresh and interesting look at the lives of people who trusted in God, and showed courage in adversity. Many lived hundreds of years ago, some before the birth of Christ, however many of the issues they faced, conflict, jealousy, bullying and ridicule, Learn More
  32. A Book of Angels

    A Book of Angels
    Marigold Hunt

    Code: B2517

    Sorry, out of stock

    Modern believers may be tempted to look upon angels as one of the more fanciful elements of Scripture, but this illuminating and entertaining collection of angel stories from the Bible shows that there are just too many angels for them to be metaphorical, allegorical, or unimportant. Learn More

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