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Saints: A-F: St Albert - St Francis

Saints: A-F: St Albert - St Francis

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  • Good St Anne

    Good St Anne

    Code: B1247
    St. Anne, the beloved Mother of Our Lady and Grandmother of Our Lord, has proved herself a heavenly helper in every need. She is especially invoked as... Learn More
  • The Saint of a Thousand Miracles: Handbook of Devotion to St Anthony

    The Saint of a Thousand Miracles: Handbook of Devotion to St Anthony
    Val Conlon

    Code: B1406
    Saint Anthony is not just a finder of lost keys of a lost wallet. He has also been a finder of cures, of jobs, and homes and the finder of many other... Learn More
  • Saint Anthony of Padua

    Saint Anthony of Padua

    Code: B0190
    Guidelines, devotions, and prayers for growth in the spirit of the "Saint of the World." Contains a short biography of this great Saint together with ... Learn More
  • St Anthony the Wonder Worker

    St Anthony the Wonder Worker

    Code: B2751
    Pope Leo XIII styles St. Anthony of Padua "The saint of the whole world." He possesses enthusiastic friends, devoted disciples and zealous clients amo... Learn More
  • Anthony of Padua

    Anthony of Padua
    Fr Jude Winkler OFM Conv

    Code: B1163
    CTS Great Saints Series. Saint Anthony of Padua. Anthony of Padua has become one of the most popular saints, well known for the many favours granted t... Learn More
  • Augustine of Hippo

    Augustine of Hippo
    Ben O'Rourke

    Code: B2570
    Introduction to the conversion story of one of the Church's greatest saints. St Augustine was a bishop, is a father of the Church and a Doctor of the ... Learn More
  • Bernard of Clairvaux

    Bernard of Clairvaux
    Gillian Evans

    Code: B3059
    Here are writings of the great medieval spiritual teacher (1090-1153) who was preacher of the Crusades and founder of the Cistercians, with an introdu... Learn More
  • Bernadette of Lourdes: A Life Based on Authenticated Documents

    Bernadette of Lourdes: A Life Based on Authenticated Documents
    Rene Laurentin

    Code: B2710
    A compulsive and authoritative classic biography on the true story of a poor Pyrenean girl whose life made Lourdes what it is today.... Learn More
  • A Holy Life: St Bernadette of Lourdes

    A Holy Life: St Bernadette of Lourdes
    Patricia McEachern

    Code: B1091
    While the apparitions of Our Lady to Bernadette at Lourdes are well known, few people are familiar with the saint’s own spiritual insights and profo... Learn More
  • The Message of Bernadette

    The Message of Bernadette
    Mgr Vernon Johnson & Donal Foley

    Code: B1352
    Mgr Vernon Johnson’s classic text on what Bernadette has to teach us about suffering has been expanded here by Donal Foley, particularly in the ligh... Learn More
  • Saint Bernadette Soubirous

    Saint Bernadette Soubirous
    Abbe Francois Trochu

    Code: B1335
    Excellent book on St Bernadette Soubirous, which is a two-fold story, that of the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Lourdes, France in 1858, as... Learn More
  • Bonaventure

    Ewert Cousins

    Code: B3060
    The Soul's Journey into God, The Tree of Life, The Life of St. Francis.Named "The Prince of Mystics" by Leo XIII, Bonaventure (1217-1274), friar an... Learn More
  • Dialogue of St Catherine of Siena

    Dialogue of St Catherine of Siena
    Saint Catherine of Siena

    Code: B2582
    St. Catherine of Siena is recognized as one of the most remarkable mystical theologians of the Middle Ages. She was also a stigmatist, counsellor of p... Learn More
  • The Life of Catherine of Siena

    The Life of Catherine of Siena
    Bl Raymond of Capua

    Code: B0862
    This is the classic life of St Catherine by her spiritual director. He tells of her only what he experienced firsthand, or of what he learned firsthan... Learn More
  • Catherine of Siena

    Catherine of Siena
    Mary O'Driscoll OP

    Code: B2566
    The life and writings of this Doctor of the Church. St Catherine of Siena, mystic, doctor of the Church, patron of Italy and of Europe has always been... Learn More
  • St Clare of Assisi

    St Clare of Assisi
    Gianmaria Polidoro

    Code: B2268
    This comprehensive little guide book is filled the intriguing details and important events the life of Saint Clare. Every page contains either a strik... Learn More
  • Dewi Saint: Saint David Patron of Wales

    Dewi Saint: Saint David Patron of Wales
    J B Midgley

    Code: B1927
    March 1st is St David's Day, the national day of Wales and has been celebrated as such since the twelfth century. Descended from Welsh royalty, he was... Learn More
  • Saint Dominic

    Saint Dominic
    Sr Mary Jean Dorcy, O.P.

    Code: B0204
    He multiplied bread and wine, raised people from the dead, fought the Albigensian heresy, converted thousands with his preaching, received and gave th... Learn More
  • Dominic

    J B Midgley

    Code: B2568
    Life of the founder of the Order of Preachers (Dominicans). Some 800 years ago Dominic Guzman and his ‘Order of Preachers’ criss-crossed the inhos... Learn More
  • Edmund Arrowsmith

    Edmund Arrowsmith
    Fr John S. Hogan

    Code: B2703
    Edmund Arrowsmith, born in Lancashire of a Catholic family, chose to serve Christ and the people of England by becoming a Jesuit priest. His love for ... Learn More
  • Edmund Campion

    Edmund Campion
    Alexander Haydon

    Code: B2563
    Life of the brilliant scholar and heroic martyr. Brilliant Oxford scholar, accomplished writer, and deacon of the Protestant Church, Campion became di... Learn More
  • Edmund Campion - A Life

    Edmund Campion - A Life
    Evelyn Waugh

    Code: B1747
    Evelyn Waugh presented his biography of St. Edmund Campion, the Elizabethan poet, scholar and gentleman who became the haunted, trapped and murdered p... Learn More
  • Elizabeth Prout: 1820-1864

    Elizabeth Prout: 1820-1864
    Edna Hamer

    Code: B1942
    A Religious Life for Industrial England. A revised edition of this classic biography of a remarkable woman, a heroine of the Industrial Revolution who... Learn More
  • Message of Assisi

    Message of Assisi
    Chris Simpson, SFO

    Code: B0837
    A spiritual and practical guide for pilgrims to the home of St Francis and St Claire. Assisi is a beautiful city, packed with history, ancient buildin... Learn More
  • Handbook of Devotion to St Francis

    Handbook of Devotion to St Francis

    Code: B2075
    An inspiring book about St. Francis' extraordinary life, complete with his prayers, litanies, invocations, Station of the Cross and testimonies from a... Learn More
  • Francis of Assisi

    Francis of Assisi
    Michael De La Bedoyere

    Code: B2241
    £15.79 £12.50
    Meet the man behind the myths. This book takes you beyond the nature-lover of popular myth to the real St. Francis of Assisi, model of holiness and Ch... Learn More
  • The Life of Saint Francis of Assisi

    The Life of Saint Francis of Assisi
    St Bonaventure

    Code: B0198
    Life of St Francis of Assisi. "Francis, go and build up My house, which thou seest, is falling into ruin." To fulfil this command of Our Lord, St Fran... Learn More

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