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Confessions (SH2095)

Second hand
Confessions  (SH2095)
 Confessions  (SH2095)Confessions  (SH2095) 
Our Price:  £7.50(VAT Free)
Author: St Augustine

Product Code:  SH2095
Format  Hardcover
Pages  348
Year of Publication  1946
Condition  Used - Good



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Second Hand Book: Publisher: Everymans Library, Year: 1946. Condition: Used - Good. No Dust Jacket. Cloth colour: Blue. Remarks: Writing on front leave. Slight marks and creases on the cover. Slight creasing on some pages otherwise in very good condition in interior. . Description: The Confessions of St Augustine were first published about 397. Augustine was born in 354 and died in 430.

Publisher: Everymans Library
Pages: 348
Year of Publication: 1946
More by this Author: St Augustine
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