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Hints to Happiness for the Sick

Hints to Happiness for the Sick
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Author: T Hegemann

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Publisher:  MOS
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... Especially Patients in Hospital. "The search for happiness has taken men far afield of the haunts of happiness. But men do not too often go so far afield as a sick bed, a bed of pain. To the "practical" man, the man of "facts and figures," pain is a useless troublemaker, certainly not a means of happiness. To Father Hegemann, who has in this pamphlet borrowed from the saints and from heaven itself, pain is the means toward that eternally-haunted seemingly elusive happiness. Chapters in this 31 page pamphlet include: How to Suffer, Make Your Confession, Last Hours, Prayers Before and After Confession and Holy Communion, etc. The Appendix contains a delightful chapter "The True Religion of Christ" and will be a powerful tool for conversion.

Publisher: MOS
Pages: 31
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