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Mary Tudor - England's first Queen Regnant

Mary Tudor - England's first Queen Regnant
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Author: Gregory Slysz

Product Code:  B2501
ISBN:  9780852448564
Publisher:  Gracewing
Format  Paperback
Pages  217



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"Truth is the daughter of Time". Although several books on Queen Mary have been published in recent years, they are overly academic in nature. This volume seeks to introduce a more general audience to Mary and her reign as well as offer a pathway to weightier tomes on the subject through three interconnected parts. The first is a historiography which outlines the reasons for the vilification of Mary and her administration, the second is a biography that traces Mary's life from her birth to her becoming queen and the third is a reappraisal of the key controversies of her reign. It seeks to demonstrate both that Mary's sobriquet "bloody" is undeserved and that her reign was considerably more successful than its detractors have claimed. This book not only reassesses the state of late Mediaeval and early Tudor religion but examines several aspects of Mary's reign, including Mary as politician, her personal faith, the role of Cardinal Pole in policy-making and the challenges of the Catholic Restoration.

The book also posits that the critical reaction to Mary's reign helped to define the nature of the English/British nation-state as well as contribute to Britain's national "ideology" and self-understanding for five hundred years.

Publisher: Gracewing
Pages: 217
ISBN: 9780852448564
More by this Author: Gregory Slysz
Keywords: General books Catholic Church History

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