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Mass Assistance Card

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Mass Assistance Card
Mass Assistance CardMass Assistance CardMass Assistance Card
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Popes St. Pius X, Pius XI, and Pius XII all desired that the faithful should "be aware that to participate in the Eucharistic Sacrifice is their chief duty and supreme dignity, and not in an inert and negligent fashion" and therefore take "an active part in the venerated mysteries and the public solemn prayers of the Church".

This unique guide helps to fulfill these popes' holy desire and foster the faithful's active participation during the traditional Roman Mass by indicating the proper times when to sit, stand or kneel at Mass. Most importantly, this card makes the distinction between the participation rules at a High or Solemn Mass and Low Mass.

Unlike other guides (even those printed in laity missals), this folding card also includes some notes on when to bow or make the appropriate liturgical gesture (e.g., sign of the cross or striking the breast). It even features a note on when to kneel at sung Requiems and certain penitential Masses (something often missed).

This folding card is 6.5in tall x 4in wide (folds out completely to 8in) and will conveniently fit in most missals or prayer books. Legibly printed in red and black ink on holy card stock.

Publisher: Romanitas Press
Pages: 4
Keywords: Traditional Catholic, Tridentine, Latin Mass Tradition books Latin Mass - Altar Servers

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