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One Man One Woman

One Man One Woman
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Author: Dale O'Leary

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ISBN:  9781933184296
Publisher:  Sophia
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  336



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A Catholic's Guide to Defending Marriage. From global conferences to tiny parish gatherings, pro-family advocate Dale O'Leary has travelled the world defending marriage against radical activists intent on rewriting its age-old definition.

Now, in One Man, One Woman, the first book of its kind written for Catholics, O'Leary shares her knowledge and experience of every facet of the gay-marriage debate: politics, psychology, biology, religion, and social science. With clarity and force she tackles the many myths surrounding this contentious issue, showing that:

Gay people are not "born that way" (scientists have never found a "gay gene" and never will), but neither do they purposely "choose" their condition

By their very nature, homosexual relationships reject the traditional marital ideals of permanence, fidelity, and mutual self-giving

Since marriage is much more than just a private matter between two individuals, radically redefining it will inevitably have grave ill effects on all of society

Jesus' command to "judge not" doesn't compel us to approve of homosexual behavior or samesex marriage (but we are called to speak the truth in love)

Research has conclusively shown that children fare best with a mother and a father - and gay activists know this

The battle over gay marriage is but one part of a larger war against traditional morality and religion, and this war won't end even when the issue is settled

O'Leary shows how the redefinition of marriage in Europe and Canada has already taken a predictable toll on marriage rates, family stability, religious freedom, and children's well-being. And there are ominous signs that radical social engineers are plotting a similar course for the United States: toward a future in which marriage is considered a quaint anachronism, and "intolerant" beliefs are strictly censored.

But there's still time to avert that course, she says, and to that end she includes a twelve-point practical plan for saving marriage for the next generation - a plan that begins and ends not with anger, but with genuine love and compassion.

So whether you're trying to fight City Hall, answer the challenges of a relative or friend, or even quiet your own nagging doubts, One Man, One Woman is your single source for the facts you need to understand and defend the truth about marriage.

Publisher: Sophia
Pages: 336
ISBN: 9781933184296
More by this Author: Dale O'Leary
Keywords: General books Marriage and Parenting

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