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Our Glorious Popes

Our Glorious Popes
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Author: Sr. Catherine M.I.C.M.

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ISBN:  9781930278028
Publisher:  Loreto
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  263



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"I could not put it down." Such enthusiastic responses as this are typical upon reading this powerfully written history of the Church as illustrated in the challenging pontificates of ten of her more illustrious champions of orthodoxy. As one reads through the first forty-two pages, one is virtually taken on a journey through some four hundred years of tempus ecclesiae, from the momentous entrance of Saint Peter into the fearsome capitol of Satan's doomed empire, to the triumph of the last Christological Council, Chalcedon, held under the pastoral eye of Leo I, the first Pope that Catholic posterity dared to call "the Great." Sister Catherine vividly brings to life the painful and virile maturation of the Church Militant from its infancy in Jerusalem to its full manhood as expressed by the Toma of Leo solemnly read at Chalcedon in 451. The remaining bulk of information dovetails into the major periods of religious crises and tells of those heroic Popes who steered the Church through these gravest trials. For example, see how the little known Greek Pope Saint Zachary fought the Moslem influence which generated eastern Iconoclasm; see the Gregorys form the temporal city of God into the vibrant and monolithic power that Jesus intended; and see how the two Pius's re-establish orthodoxy with one sword and humiliate the brazenly open anti-Christian forces with the other - burying them - for a time. This is a book that can restore hope and confidence in the might of the papacy.

Publisher: Loreto
Pages: 263
ISBN: 9781930278028
More by this Author: Sr. Catherine M.I.C.M.
Keywords: Tradition books Catholic Traditionalism

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