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Prayers and Ceremonies of Holy Mass

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Prayers and Ceremonies of Holy Mass
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Author: Dom Prosper Gueranger

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Publisher:  Biretta Books
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Taken from the Notes Made at the Conferences of Dom Prosper Gueranger, Abbot of Solesmes. Translated from the French by Rev. Dom Laurence Shepherd, Monk of the English Benedictine Congregation, St. Mary's Abbey, Stanbrook-June 14, 1885. An excerpt from Prayers and Ceremonies of Holy Mass on the incensing of the altar. "The Altar represents our Lord Jesus Christ. The Saints' Relics which are there, remind us that the Saints are His members. For, having assumed our human nature, He not only suffered His Passion, triumphed in His Resurrection, and entered into His glory by the Ascension, - but He, also, founded the Church upon earth, and this Church is His mystical Body; He is its Head, and the Saints are its members. From this point of view, then, our Lord has not the fullness of His mystical Body without His Saints; and it is for this reason, that the Saints, who are reigning with Him in glory, are united with Him, in the Altar, which represents Him...The Priest, having finished the prayer, which he said bowing down, and his hands joined on the Altar, prepares for its Incensing...Holy Church has borrowed this ceremony from heaven itself; where St. John witnessed it. In his Apocalypse, he saw an Angel, standing, with a golden censer, near the Altar, on which was the Lamb, with four-and-twenty elders around him. (Apoc. viii. 3.) He describes this Angel to us, as offering to God the prayers of the Saints, which are symbolised by the incense. " Large format: 8.5" x 11", laminated, glossy pages.

Publisher: Biretta Books
Pages: 63
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