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Questions & Answers About Sex & Marriage

Questions & Answers About Sex & Marriage
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Author: Luton Good Counsel

Product Code:  B2601
ISBN:  9781860824241
Publisher:  CTS
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  38



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For many people the Catholic Church holds outdated and impractical views when it comes to sex, marriage and contraception. Dr Charlie O'Donnell answers 24 of the most common questions put to him by couples at marriage preparation classes. The beauty, practicality and advantages of the Church's teachings on these issues are explained in this easy to read booklet. Dr Clare Langley provides an excellent short introduction to natural fertility awareness.

Publisher: CTS
Pages: 38
ISBN: 9781860824241
More by this Author: Luton Good Counsel
Keywords: pro life pro-life prolife abortion Catechism books CTS Booklets

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