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Candle Incense Burners

Candle Incense Burners. These simple but effective incense burners are highly suitable for home use, and will burn most types of incense, using only the heat of a tea-light! See also charcoal hand censers/table incense burners... A free 'users guide' is supplied with all our incense burners - click here for online incense information.

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  1. Nickel-plated candle incense burner

    Nickel-plated candle incense burner

    Code: G2255
    Nickel-plated 'candle' incense burner, in elegant contemporary design. Incense tray lifts out for easy cleaning. Operates with standard night light ('tea light'). Very simple to use, and effective. Height: 9 cm (3.5 inches). Tea-light not included. Learn More
  2. Brass Candle Incense burner

    Brass Candle Incense burner

    Code: G0270
    £16.95 £15.95
    Simple brass candle incense burner. The easiest, most convenient way of burning most grain incenses in the home. Place a few grains of incense on the grill, then light a tea-light beneath, which heats and melts the incense to instantly fill your room with a delightful aroma. Learn More
  3. Contemporary candle incense burner

    Contemporary candle incense burner

    Code: G0333
    Candle incense burner in a contemporary style. Metal holder with copper incense tray which can be set at two heights, above candle/tea light. Tea-light not included. Height: 16cm (6.25 inches). Learn More
  4. Candle incense burner - replacement grill

    Candle incense burner - replacement grill

    Code: C0246
    Replacement grill for candle incense burner. Suitable for C0217, G0521 or G0270. Learn More
  5. Candle incense burner - three-legged

    Candle incense burner - three-legged

    Code: G0702

    Sorry, out of stock

    Candle incense burner. Place incense grains on the grill, then light a tea-light beneath to heat and melt the incense resins, releasing the aroma into your room. Candle incense burners are the clean and easy way to burn natural incense grains. Learn More

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