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Rocket Ships and God

Rocket Ships and God
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Author: Rocco Martino

Product Code:  B2522
ISBN:  9781622822096
Publisher:  Sophia
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  160



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We often hear that science and religion are incompatible, and that those of us who profess faith in God are unwilling to bend our will to the truth.

In these pages, the prolific inventor and rocket scientist Dr. Rocco Martino exposes the fallacy and danger of such claims. He tackles head-on the question of truth, showing that despite all the technological and scientific discoveries of our age, religious truth has never been - and will never be - proven to be in error.

Faith, Dr. Martino explains, is an indispensible element in any search for truth, even for scientists using the scientific method. In clear and easy-to-understand language, he carefully bridges the gap between faith and reason, showing that truth cannot possibly be discovered without the balanced application of both principles.

In a very rational way he shows how we must use reason as a tool to accept or reject truth claims, and why faith coupled with revelation must serve as the final determinant for acceptance.

When we approach scientific discoveries with the mind of faith, we inevitably come to a much deeper understanding of who we are and how we came to be. Indeed, science heightens our ability to prove the existence of God and it, ultimately, strengthens our faith.

Read these pages and you'll enter into the mind of a rocket scientist well-versed in philosophy and theology, journeying with him as he looks for God, and then at God.

Publisher: Sophia
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9781622822096
More by this Author: Rocco Martino
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