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Same-Sex Marriage

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Same-Sex Marriage
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Author: Peter D Williams

Product Code:  B1950
ISBN:  9781860828041
Publisher:  CTS
Format  Paperback
Pages  32



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Can marriage be redefined. A look at the current debate and its implications. Recent consultations by governments on allowing same-sex marriage have sparked fierce debates across the media and society. In this simple and clear booklet, the Catholic perspective on this vital issue is explained, looking at what marriage is and where it comes from, what arguments are being proposed in favour of same-sex marriage, and what the results of a change in the law might be. Peter D Williams is a Catholic apologist, and speaker for the media-apostolate 'Catholic Voices'.

Publisher: CTS
Pages: 32
ISBN: 9781860828041
More by this Author: Peter D Williams
Keywords: same sex Catechism books CTS Booklets

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