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Lent and Easter Liturgy, Prayer and Meditation

Lent and Easter Liturgy, Prayer and Meditation. See also Way of the Cross Prayer books.

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  • Toward Easter

    Toward Easter
    Fr Patrick Troadec

    Code: B3188
    Fr. Troadec's best-selling series continues in this third book Toward Easter. Father uses the liturgy of the Lenten season to assist us in our daily p... Learn More
  • Eastertide Day by Day

    Eastertide Day by Day
    Fr Patrick Troadec

    Code: B3189
    "His resurrection gives meaning to our own life. From now on, death is no longer an ending, but the entry into life, true life: that eternal life for ... Learn More
  • From Epiphany to Lent

    From Epiphany to Lent
    Fr Patrick Troadec

    Code: B3166
    Fr. Troadec's four-part series continues in this second book From Epiphany to Lent. The series offers a simple and practical guide for individuals and... Learn More
  • Lenten Meditations

    Lenten Meditations
    Peter Stravinskas

    Code: B3206
    Daily meditations for the Season of Lent to guide you through each day to help you prepare for the celebration of our redemption through Christ's Pass... Learn More
  • Lent and Holy Week with Mary

    Lent and Holy Week with Mary
    Dr Mary Amore

    Code: B3209
    Each daily meditation includes Scripture, a question to think about or act to consider, and a short prayer to the Blessed Mother.... Learn More
  • Calvary through the eyes of Mary

    Calvary through the eyes of Mary
    Helen Pepper

    Code: B3112
    It has been a Catholic tradition through the centuries to meditate on the Stations of the Cross so that it becomes our way of life. Mary, the Mother o... Learn More
  • A Blessed Lent

    A Blessed Lent
    Fr Philip G Bochanski, CO

    Code: B2872
    Meditations on the Readings and Prayers of the Mass. Lent is a time of spiritual combat for the Christian, to whom the Church reaches out with suppor... Learn More
  • Praying the Crucifix

    Praying the Crucifix
    Julien Chilcott-Monk

    Code: B2874
    The crucifix is one of the most important symbols of the Christian faith, a reminder of Christ's suffering and death on the Cross to save us, a symbol... Learn More
  • Meditations for Lent

    Meditations for Lent
    Bishop Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet

    Code: B2227
    Even three hundred years ago, believers found it difficult to sustain for forty days the proper Lenten spirit. That's why even then, countless Christi... Learn More
  • Cross and Crown

    Cross and Crown
    Fr Robert Maeder

    Code: B2760
    Three excellent, easy to read, sets of meditations by the famous preaching priest and Catholic newspaper editor, Fr. Robert Mader. His delivery of the... Learn More
  • Jesus Crucified

    Jesus Crucified
    Fr Pierre Marie & Fr Jean Nicholas Grou

    Code: B2613
    From the Preface: "This book appeared for the first time in the year 1642! The book had been out of print and practically forgotten for nearly two hun... Learn More
  • Lent and Easter Wisdom from St Alphonsus Liguori

    Lent and Easter Wisdom from St Alphonsus Liguori
    Maurice J Nutt CSsR

    Code: B2773
    Saint Alphonsus Liguori, founder of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, was a musician, painter, and one of the most prolific writers of his t... Learn More
  • The Meaning of Lent - Booklet

    The Meaning of Lent - Booklet
    Fr Ivano Millico

    Code: L0408
    Lent is more than forty days of repentance. Lent is a journey full of meanings and graces, projecting us to the joy of Pentecost, passing through the... Learn More
  • How to Resist Temptation

    How to Resist Temptation
    Bishop Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet

    Code: B2228
    No matter how devoted to Christ you are, temptations are going to come to you. That's why How to Resist Temptation is essential reading for every seri... Learn More
  • The Mystery of the Crown of Thorns with Practical Devotions

    The Mystery of the Crown of Thorns with Practical Devotions
    By a Passionist Father

    Code: B1462
    Contemplating the Holy Face on the shroud of Turin, one sees a deep wound on the forehead of our Saviour where one of the many thorns of His cruel cro... Learn More
  • Leaflet: Lent

    Leaflet: Lent

    Code: L0255
    Making Space for God. Practical suggestions for observing the season of Lent. CTS Essentials 4 fold DL leaflet.... Learn More
  • The Easter Triduum

    The Easter Triduum

    Code: B1081
    Complete texts for Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Vigil, plus a selection of hymns. From this well-known Liturgical book range, for... Learn More
  • The Mystery of Easter

    The Mystery of Easter
    Raniero Cantalamessa OFM Cap

    Code: B1326
    What does the paschal mystery mean in the context of the rite - past and present- and in Christian life and death? Students of the liturgy and preach... Learn More
  • The Sinner's Guide

    The Sinner's Guide
    Venerable Louis Of Grenada

    Code: B1043
    In the Sinner's Guide, Venerable Louis de Granada proves himself a masterful spiritual director, showing how life in Christ is a beautiful way of life... Learn More
  • Mary, Mother of Sorrows

    Mary, Mother of Sorrows
    E Mary Christie

    Code: B3212
    Suffering with Glorious Purpose. How do you pull virtue from sorrow? The Blessed Virgin Mary is our preeminent example.This book features meditatio... Learn More
  • When I survey the wondrous cross

    When I survey the wondrous cross
    Patrick J Ryan SJ

    Code: B0766
    Scriptural Reflections for Lent. The season of Lent - the Church's Spring - begins the celebration of the dying and rising of Jesus, a time of deep p... Learn More
  • A Simple Penance Book

    A Simple Penance Book
    Revised by Mgr Paul Grogan

    Code: B0763
    Pope Francis says "God never tires of forgiving us; we are the ones who tire of seeking his mercy". The practice of Confession, Penance and Reconcilia... Learn More
  • The Stational Churches of Rome

    The Stational Churches of Rome
    Revised by Mgr Paul Grogan

    Code: B1650
    This 62 page booklet guides the faithful though the 40 days of Lent by taking them on a pilgrimage of the "stational churches" of Rome. How did the Ca... Learn More
  • The Holy Shroud

    The Holy Shroud
    Antonio Cassanelli

    Code: B3207
    A thorough and far-reaching survey of the history, the scientific challenges that it presents, and of its religious significance. Supplemented by a un... Learn More
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  • Meditation on the Passion

    Meditation on the Passion
    ed Fr. Reginald Walsh, O.P.

    Code: B1938
    Compiled from various sources, with an introduction by Fr Reginald Walsh, reprint of the 1922 edition. Among the many subjects proposed by the Church... Learn More
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  • Reflections on the Passion

    Reflections on the Passion
    Darlington Carmel

    Code: B0764
    From the writings of St Teresa and other Carmelite Saints, reflections on the stations of the cross.... Learn More
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  • Christian Fasting

    Christian Fasting
    Sr Mary David Totah OSB

    Code: B2785
    Fasting is an indispensable part of the Christian life, a purification of our habits of eating and drinking, which allows us to rein in our physical a... Learn More
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