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The Code of Canon Law (SH1815)
Canon Law SocietyCode: SH1815  Price: £12.50Sorry, sold.


The Rite of Low Mass (SH1857)
Rev J O'ConnellCode: SH1857  Price: £12.50Sorry, sold.


Catholic Lancashire (SH1745)
J A HiltonCode: SH1745  Price: £12.00Sorry, sold.


Familiar Prayers (SH1800)
Herbert Thurston SJCode: SH1800  Price: £12.00


Harpers Encyclopedia of Bible Life (SH1633)
Madelaine S & J Lane MillerCode: SH1633  Price: £12.00


The life of St Gemma Galgani (SH1712)
Ven Fr Germanus CPCode: SH1712  Price: £12.00Sorry, sold.


The Real Presence (SH1779)
Bl Peter Julian EymardCode: SH1779  Price: £12.00Sorry, sold.

Out of stock
Tradition and the Church (SH1714)

Tradition and the Church (SH1714)
Msgr George AgiusCode: SH1714  Price: £12.00Sorry, sold.


Pray Pray Pray (SH1865)
Rev Dr Gerard McGinnityCode: SH1865  Price: £10.50Sorry, sold.


Three Mystics (SH1847)
Father Bruno de J MCode: SH1847  Price: £10.50Sorry, sold.


A Little White Flower (SH1818)
T N TaylorCode: SH1818  Price: £10.00Sorry, sold.


Authorized Hebrew Daily Prayer Book (SH1817)Code: SH1817  Price: £10.00


Christ in You (SH1774)
AnonymousCode: SH1774  Price: £10.00Sorry, sold.


In Conversation with God Vol 4 OT wks 13-23 (SH1719)
Francis FernandezCode: SH1719  Price: £10.00Sorry, sold.


In Conversation with God Vol 5 OT wks 24-34 (SH1720)
Francis FernandezCode: SH1720  Price: £10.00Sorry, sold.

Out of stock
Jesus of Nazareth Part Two (SH1701)

Jesus of Nazareth Part Two (SH1701)
Pope Benedict XVICode: SH1701  Price: £10.00Sorry, sold.


John of the Cross [selected writings] (SH1707)Code: SH1707  Price: £10.00Sorry, sold.


The End and the Beginning (SH1654)
George WeigelCode: SH1654  Price: £10.00


The Rosary Its Power and Its Use (SH1844)
RevF John Leather OPCode: SH1844  Price: £10.00Sorry, sold.


The Sacred Actions - My Part (SH1782)
Hubert McEvoyCode: SH1782  Price: £10.00Sorry, sold.


We Believe (SH1717)
Msgr A N GilbeyCode: SH1717  Price: £10.00Sorry, sold.


Cammini di liberta (SH1456)
Camilo MacciseCode: SH1456  Price: £9.50


God Speaks at Garabandal (SH1889)
Joseph A PelletierCode: SH1889  Price: £9.50Sorry, sold.


Meditations and Devotions (SH1806)
John Henry NewmanCode: SH1806  Price: £9.50Sorry, sold.


Men in Sandals (SH1784)
Richard Madden ODCCode: SH1784  Price: £9.50


Moslems (SH1870)
Gabriel Oussani/Hilaire BellocCode: SH1870  Price: £9.50Sorry, sold.

Out of stock
Race with the Devil (SH1592)

Race with the Devil (SH1592)
Joseph PearceCode: SH1592  Price: £9.50Sorry, sold.


St Therese de L'Enfant Jesus 1973 - 1897 (SH1832)
Mgr LaveilleCode: SH1832  Price: £9.50


The Cardijn Story (SH1692)
Michael De La BedoyereCode: SH1692  Price: £9.50


The Gospel according to John l - Xll (SH1589)
Raymond BrownCode: SH1589  Price: £9.50


The Gospel according to John Xlll - XXl (SH1588)
Raymond BrownCode: SH1588  Price: £9.50


The Lamb's Supper (SH1872)
Scott HahnCode: SH1872  Price: £9.50Sorry, sold.


The Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ (SH1819)
Pierre BarbetCode: SH1819  Price: £9.50Sorry, sold.


The Path to Rome (SH1807)
Hilaire BellocCode: SH1807  Price: £9.50Sorry, sold.


Archbishop Derek Worlock. His Personal Journey (SH0447)
John FurnivalCode: SH0447  Price: £9.00

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