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A New Pentecost? (SH1240)
Leon Joseph SuenensCode: SH1240  Price: £7.50


A Stumbling Pilgrim Guided by Indirections (SH1906)
Wilfred McGrealCode: SH1906  Price: £7.50


A Way in the Desert (SH1570)
Doug SewellCode: SH1570  Price: £7.50


Authenticity: A Biblical Theology Of Discernment (SH1477)
Thomas Dubay SMCode: SH1477  Price: £7.50


Before I Sleep - the last days of Dr. Tom Dooley (SH1383)
Monahan (edited)Code: SH1383  Price: £7.50


Before the Living God (SH0043)
Ruth BurrowsCode: SH0043  Price: £7.50


Cardinal Hinsley (SH0271)
John C Heenan DDCode: SH0271  Price: £7.50


Catching Up with the Church (SH1568)
John A O'BrienCode: SH1568  Price: £7.50


Certain as the Dawn (SH0299)
Peter G Van BreemanCode: SH0299  Price: £7.50


Christ and Original Sin (SH1023)
Peter De RosaCode: SH1023  Price: £7.50


Crossing the Threshold of Hope (SH1484)
His Holiness John Paul IICode: SH1484  Price: £7.50Sorry, sold.


Crossing the Threshold of Hope (SH1607)
John Paul XllCode: SH1607  Price: £7.50Sorry, sold.


Did You Receive the Spirit? (SH0508)
Simon Tugwell OPCode: SH0508  Price: £7.50


Divine Birth (SH1068)
F CuttazCode: SH1068  Price: £7.50


Eat from God's Hand (SH1298)
Desmond O 'GradyCode: SH1298  Price: £7.50


Faith and Reality (SH1399)
Wolfhart PannenbergCode: SH1399  Price: £7.50


Francois de Sales (SH0361)
Michael de la BedoyereCode: SH0361  Price: £7.50


God, Jesus and Spirit (SH1394)
Daniel CallahanCode: SH1394  Price: £7.50


Growth In The Holy Spirit (SH1453)
Gerard Huyghe Of ArrasCode: SH1453  Price: £7.50


Help me Father (SH1236)
Eugene BleidornCode: SH1236  Price: £7.50


Hidden God (SH0217)
Ladislaus BorosCode: SH0217  Price: £7.50


Illustrissimi - The Letters of Pope John 1 (SH1014)
Albino LucianiCode: SH1014  Price: £7.50


Introduction to the Devout Life (SH1773)
St Francis De SalesCode: SH1773  Price: £7.50Sorry, sold.


Lead us into Temptation (SH1065)
Breandan O'hEithirCode: SH1065  Price: £7.50


Like a Tree Planted (SH1284)
O'DonoghueCode: SH1284  Price: £7.50Sorry, sold.


Love One Another (SH0433)
Raoul FollereauCode: SH0433  Price: £7.50


Margaret Clitherow (SH1880)
Mary ClaridgeCode: SH1880  Price: £7.50Sorry, sold.


New World 1 - The Beginning (SH1177)
Alan DaleCode: SH1177  Price: £7.50


New World 2 - The Message (SH1179)
Alan DaleCode: SH1179  Price: £7.50


Pater Noster of Saint Teresa of Avila - Special Centenary Edition (SH1861)Code: SH1861  Price: £7.50


Pioneer of Unity (Life of Caroline Sheppard) (SH0033)
Maria WinowskaCode: SH0033  Price: £7.50Sorry, sold.


Priest & Worker (SH1074)
PerrinCode: SH1074  Price: £7.50

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Page 4 of 10:    338 Items
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