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To Light a Candle (SH1018)
James KellerCode: SH1018  Price: £7.50


Towards the Centre of Christian Living (SH1283)
PinskCode: SH1283  Price: £7.50


Unknown Pilgrim (SH1116)
John SutcliffeCode: SH1116  Price: £7.50


Urban Catholics (SH1238)
John HickeyCode: SH1238  Price: £7.50


Vessel of Clay (SH1047)
Leo TreseCode: SH1047  Price: £7.50Sorry, sold.


We are all Brothers (SH1382)
Louis EvelyCode: SH1382  Price: £7.50


We Dare to Say Our Father (SH1192)
Louis EvilyCode: SH1192  Price: £7.50


We work while the light lasts (SH1131)
Hubert Van ZellerCode: SH1131  Price: £7.50


What Law and Letter Kill (SH1139)
Philip SJ CaramanCode: SH1139  Price: £7.50


Woman and Man - Their Nature and Mission (SH1024)
FX ArnoldCode: SH1024  Price: £7.50


According to the Pattern (SH0351)
Katherine BurtonCode: SH0351  Price: £6.50Sorry, sold.


BC The Archaeology of the Bible Lands (SH1590)
Magnus MAGNUSSONCode: SH1590  Price: £6.50Sorry, sold.


Be Not Solicitous (SH1374)
Masie WardCode: SH1374  Price: £6.50


Be Not Solicitous (SH1375)
Masie WardCode: SH1375  Price: £6.50


Blessed Mother Teresa (SH1734)
T T MundakelCode: SH1734  Price: £6.50


Caesar In Gaul And Britain (SH1496)
DE Limebeer and AM MinchinCode: SH1496  Price: £6.50


Catholic Digest Omnibus (SH0473)
Introduction James KellerCode: SH0473  Price: £6.50


Church and School (SH1405)
Joan BrothersCode: SH1405  Price: £6.50


Cornelia Connelly - A Study in Fidelity (SH0336)
Mother Marie ThereseCode: SH0336  Price: £6.50


Counsels To Religious Superiors (SH1482)
Antonio RosminiCode: SH1482  Price: £6.50


CTS New Catholic Bible - Compact Edition (SH1728)Code: SH1728  Price: £6.50


Discalced Carmelite Proper Offices (SH1891)Code: SH1891  Price: £6.50Sorry, sold.


Discovery (SH1467)
Brother Dennis Robert F S CCode: SH1467  Price: £6.50


Encounters With God (SH1610)
Sr Wendy BeckettCode: SH1610  Price: £6.50Sorry, sold.


George Thomas of Soho (SH1351)
Felicitas CorrigganCode: SH1351  Price: £6.50


God Still Speaks - the Basis of Christian Education (SH1398)
Gabriel MoranCode: SH1398  Price: £6.50


God's Frontier (SH1202)
Martin DescalzoCode: SH1202  Price: £6.50


Heart of the Christian Life (SH1727)
Benedict XV1Code: SH1727  Price: £6.50


Inquest on Jesus Christ (SH0423)
John RebanCode: SH0423  Price: £6.50


Jesus In His Time (SH0311)
Daniel Rops - Translated by R W MillarCode: SH0311  Price: £6.50


John XXIII (SH0459)
Leone AlgisiCode: SH0459  Price: £6.50


La passione di Gesu Cristo (SH1174)
de LapedonaCode: SH1174  Price: £6.50


Letters from Baron Friedrich Von Hugel to a Niece (SH1669)
Gwendolen GreeneCode: SH1669  Price: £6.50

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Page 6 of 10:    338 Items
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