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In Soft Garments (SH0392)
Ronald KnoxCode: SH0392  Price: £5.50Sorry, sold.


Keep A True Lent (SH1223)
Charles FillmoreCode: SH1223  Price: £5.50Sorry, sold.


Lectures on Science and Revealed Religion. Vol i. (SH0496)
Cardinal WisemanCode: SH0496  Price: £5.50


Lectures on Science and Revealed Religion. Vol ii. (SH0497)
Cardinal WisemanCode: SH0497  Price: £5.50


Live In The Holy Spirit (SH1424)
Rev Bruno M HagspielCode: SH1424  Price: £5.50

Out of stock
Medjugorje  The Message (SH1791)

Medjugorje The Message (SH1791)
Wayne WeibleCode: SH1791  Price: £5.50Sorry, sold.


Mission to the Poorest (SH1206)
MR LoewCode: SH1206  Price: £5.50


Mont Saint-Michel (SH1839)
Marcel Aubert/Pierre MorelCode: SH1839  Price: £5.50


Our Faith (SH1497)
The Rt Rev John C HeenanCode: SH1497  Price: £5.50

Out of stock
Prayer and Remembrance (SH1753)

Prayer and Remembrance (SH1753)
Rev Roger A SwensonCode: SH1753  Price: £5.50Sorry, sold.


Priest & Worker (SH1214)
PerrinCode: SH1214  Price: £5.50


That Man Is You (SH1180)
Louis EvelyCode: SH1180  Price: £5.50


The Cross of Peace (SH1371)
Philip GibbsCode: SH1371  Price: £5.50


The Heart of the Matter (SH1259)
Greene GrahamCode: SH1259  Price: £5.50


The Official Handbook of the Legion of Mary (SH1899)
AnonymousCode: SH1899  Price: £5.50


What about Heaven? (SH1360)
Graham ScroggieCode: SH1360  Price: £5.50


White Fire (SH0218)
E J EdwardsCode: SH0218  Price: £5.50


A Traveller in Rome (SH1763)
H V MortonCode: SH1763  Price: £5.00


An illustrated history of The Popes (SH1816)
Michael WalshCode: SH1816  Price: £5.00Sorry, sold.

Out of stock
Angels An Endangered Species (SH1835)

Angels An Endangered Species (SH1835)
Malcolm GodwinCode: SH1835  Price: £5.00Sorry, sold.

Out of stock
Jesus of Nazareth (SH1700)

Jesus of Nazareth (SH1700)
Pope Benedict XVICode: SH1700  Price: £5.00Sorry, sold.


Pope John XXIII a pictoral biography (SH1843)
Eric PecherCode: SH1843  Price: £5.00

Out of stock
The Book of The Bible (SH1537)

The Book of The Bible (SH1537)
Purnell - exec edFrances ClaphamCode: SH1537  Price: £5.00Sorry, sold.

Out of stock
The Dead Sea Scrolls (SH1754)

The Dead Sea Scrolls (SH1754)
Stephen HodgeCode: SH1754  Price: £5.00Sorry, sold.


The Thunder of Justice (SH1764)
Ted & Maureen FlynnCode: SH1764  Price: £5.00


When Did We see You, Lord? (SH1602)
Baker & Fr GroeschelCode: SH1602  Price: £5.00Sorry, sold.


Inside Catholicism (SH1838)
Richard McBrienCode: SH1838  Price: £4.75


Crisis Counselling (SH1749)
Eugene KennedyCode: SH1749  Price: £4.50


Days of Devotion (SH1802)
Pope John XXlllCode: SH1802  Price: £4.50Sorry, sold.


In Praise of Mary (SH1656)
C BerselliCode: SH1656  Price: £4.50


In Praise of Mary (SH1841)
Berselli/GharibCode: SH1841  Price: £4.50


Meetings with Mary:Visions of the Blessed Mother (SH1766)
Janice ConnellCode: SH1766  Price: £4.50Sorry, sold.


On Becoming a Counsellor (SH1750)
Eugene KennedyCode: SH1750  Price: £4.50


Saint Margaret Clitherow (SH1769)
Katherine LongleyCode: SH1769  Price: £4.50Sorry, sold.


The Catholic Way of Life (SH1761)
John A O'BrienCode: SH1761  Price: £4.50

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