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The Essene Way - Biogenic Living (SH2089)

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The Essene Way - Biogenic Living (SH2089)
 The Essene Way - Biogenic Living (SH2089)The Essene Way - Biogenic Living (SH2089) 
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Author: Edmond Bordeaux Szekely

Product Code:  SH2089
Format  Hardcover
Pages  184
Year of Publication  1989
Condition  Used - Very Good



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Second Hand Book: Publisher: International Biogenic Society, Year: 1989. First Edition. Condition: Used - Very Good. No Dust Jacket. Cloth colour: White. Remarks: Slight evidence of use on cover otherwise in very good condition in interior. Description: From the book: 'The Essenes lived on the shores of lakes and rivers, away from cities and towns, and practiced a communal way of life, sharing equally in everything. They were mainly agriculturalists and arboriculturists, having a vast knowledge of crops, soil and climatic conditions which enabled them to grow a great variety of fruits and vegetables in comparatively desert areas with a minimum of labour.'

Publisher: International Biogenic Society
Pages: 184
Year of Publication: 1989
More by this Author: Edmond Bordeaux Szekely
Keywords: Second Hand Books second-hand secondhand second hand books

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