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The Family Under Attack: A Philosophical and Theological Defense of Human Society

The Family Under Attack: A Philosophical and Theological Defense of Human Society
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Author: Don Pietro Leone

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ISBN:  9781622920464
Publisher:  Loreto
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Pages:  374



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In our days the war against God and His Church has become deeper and broader than at any time in history. No longer are the powers of darkness content to attack only the institutional Church that God founded. The truth is that the human nature that God the Father created is now the subject of the adversary's most violent persecution, and through the undermining of the very concept of human nature and the natural law enshrined in it the enemies of God hope to make any consideration of the concept of 'super-nature' and super-natural life disappear from the minds of men.

The Church has always been the true guardian of not only supernatural life, but of the natural law as well. Since the natural law is the law that God put into our nature and it is discernible in the light of reason, the Church, speaking for God, is the champion of sound reasoning. With the natural law as well as supernatural law governing human sexuality and family life under attack, Don Pietro Leone has risen to defend (and to properly distinguish) those areas, so that those who wish to defend the Church and human society in our age may have sound teaching upon which to base their actions.

In the course of this treatment of these topics he makes a detailed critique of certain novel presentations of themes found in the Magisterium from the time of the Second Vatican Council onwards. Amongst these doctrines is one he terms 'Magisterial Personalism' and another called the 'Theology of the Body.' Drawing upon scholastic philosophy and the perennial teaching of the Church, Don Pietro brings light to a subject recently plunged into obscurity and darkness that is not currently being dispelled sucessfully, even by the guardians of Truth themselves.

Don Pietro Leone holds degrees in humanities and philosophy, which he has taught at seminaries and universities in Europe and America. He lives in Italy where he currently divides his time between his pastoral and academic duties.

Publisher: Loreto
Pages: 374
ISBN: 9781622920464
More by this Author: Don Pietro Leone
Keywords: General books Marriage and Parenting

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