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The Theory of Evolution Judged by Reason and Faith

The Theory of Evolution Judged by Reason and Faith
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Author: Cardinal Ernesto Ruffini

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ISBN:  9780980208450
Publisher:  PCP
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Pages:  205



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A scholarly study, Cardinal Ruffini (1888-1967) expounds what the Catholic Church teaches on the subject, and then ably demonstrates how modern science contradicts the theories of evolutionists. Cardinal Ruffini's recognized classic, La Teoria della Evoluzione secondo la Scienza e la Fede, is famous among students of science, philosophy, history, theology and Scripture not only for the depth and breath of its wisdom and for the unusual thoroughness of its treatment, but probably more so for the unusual clarity and simplicity of its writing. In The Theory of Evolution Judged by Reason and Faith, Cardinal Ruffini addresses himself to the subjects of Darwinian evolution and, with greater emphasis, to its mitigated form of transformism - the evolution of the human body, not of the human soul. Against both positions His Eminence arrays the findings of science (paleontology, embryology, anatomy, physiology, parasitism, genetics, etc.), the teachings of the Scholastics and the Fathers of the Church, and (most significantly, since he is a Cardinal member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission) the authority of Scripture scholars. This work, more convincingly and more thoroughly than any other, makes sharply clear the mind of the Roman Catholic Church on the two subjects under analysis. This is a must-have book for any Catholic who wants to understand the Church's authentic voice on this crucial contemporary topic.

Publisher: PCP
Pages: 205
ISBN: 9780980208450
More by this Author: Cardinal Ernesto Ruffini
Keywords: General books Defending the Faith

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