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Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins
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Author: Kevin Vost Psy. D.

Product Code:  B2523
ISBN:  9781622822348
Publisher:  Sophia
Format  Paperback
Pages  224



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The seven deadly sins are generals leading a vast and deadly army. The soldiers are a variety of sins and misdeeds, and the capital sins are the officers who sent them on their nefarious tasks.

With the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas as his guide, best-selling author Kevin Vost tackles the deadly sins one-by-one, showing how they take root in our soul and give birth to offspring - other sinful thoughts and deeds that help it reach its sinful goals.

You'll learn how they attacks us, and how they become ingrained habits that prevent virtue from raising us to heaven. Indeed, these sins hold us down to earth - and possibly, ultimately, even much lower.

The deadly sins can be conquered, and in these pages you'll learn the methods employed by saints to vanquish vicious habits and replace them with virtuous ones.

Follow the advice in this book, and you'll soon strike at the head of sin and walk more positively in the light and love of Christ.

You'll also learn:

  • Which sin can truly be called the deadliest in the world
  • Why there are only seven deadly sins
  • What takes place within our souls when we grapple with sin
  • The relationship between vices and sins - and how to sever their bonds
  • How each and every deadly sin is outnumbered by several opposite virtues
  • Six deadly dominoes: Do you know the sins that almost always cause us to commit additional sins?
  • How "the mother of the virtues" dethrones "the queen of the vices"
  • Seven sacramental and saint-sanctioned strategies to call forth God's graces to grapple with each deadly sin

Publisher: Sophia
Pages: 224
ISBN: 9781622822348
More by this Author: Kevin Vost Psy. D.
Keywords: General books Spiritual Growth

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