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Charcoal and Candle Incense Burners, Incense. Church incense, and brass incense burners, large and small, including traditional charcoal incense burners for home or church, easy-to-use candle incense burners, hand censers and hanging thuribles. Top quality incense grains, including frankincense, myrrh, Greek Orthodox incense direct from a Mount Athos monastery, and Catholic church incense blends from the monks of Prinknash Abbey. Incense accessories, including charcoal, tongs, trays, incense holders. According to Church tradition, incense is said to represent our prayers rising to Heaven... more incense information...
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Prinknash Incense - Priory (Frankincense) - loose - 100g

Prinknash Incense - Priory (Frankincense) - loose - 100gCode: C0310  Price: £5.00

Pure Frankincense. Priory is Prinknash Abbey's simplest incense, being pure frankincense with no additional oils added. Frankincense

Brass table censer with hinged lid and cross

Brass table censer with hinged lid and crossCode: G0345  Price: £31.50

Small brass incense burner, suitable for use with charcoal. Solid brass, with attractive decoration, cross on lid and inner charcoal bowl. Height 4

Hanging Cross Censer - 16 cm

Hanging Cross Censer - 16 cmCode: G0955  Price: £58.95

Brass hanging charcoal incense burner (thurible), lid lifts via chain mechanism. Height of burner 6.5 inches (16 cm), full hanging length including ...

Incense Container with Spoon

Incense Container with SpoonCode: G0995  Price: £32.95   £29.95

Brass holder for storing incense grains. Solid brass with cross on lid, and brass spoon for spooning incense grains. Height: 6 inches (15) cm

Exclusive Rose Incense - 25g phial

Exclusive Rose Incense - 25g phialCode: G4025  Price: £9.25   £8.95

Handmade with high quality resins and perfume, a delicate rose-scented incense. In attractive glass phial with cork stopper, approx 25g incense.

Brass incense holder with Crucifix and spoon

Brass incense holder with Crucifix and spoonCode: G0336  Price: £32.95

Brass incense holder, with crucifix decoration, for storing incense grains. Height: 4.5 inches (12 cm). Supplied with brass spoon.

Nickel plated Brass tray

Nickel plated Brass trayCode: G2939  Price: £22.95

Matt finish nickel-plated brass tray on which to place Incense accessories, such as burners or holders. Candle and charcoal incense burners should ...

Mount Athos Incense - Amber - 100g

Mount Athos Incense - Amber - 100gCode: C0532  Price: £15.50

First Grade Orthodox Incense made by Greek Orthodox monks on Holy Mt Athos. Amber fragrance made from essential oils and finest grade olibanum gum ...

Mount Athos Incense - Bethlehem - 30g

Mount Athos Incense - Bethlehem - 30gCode: C0509  Price: £5.50

First Grade Orthodox Incense made by Greek Orthodox monks on Holy Mt Athos. Bethlehem fragrance is a special blend of many aromas and spices - made ...

Brass incense burner bowl - small

Brass incense burner bowl - smallCode: G0729  Price: £35.95   £33.95

Ornate brass bowl Incense burner, with removable lid, suitable for charcoal and incense. Includes a grill to place over burning charcoal and ...

Prinknash Incense - Gums of Arabia - loose - 100g

Prinknash Incense - Gums of Arabia - loose - 100gCode: C0370  Price: £5.00

The Prinknash Gums of Arabia incense blen consists of natural and cloured grains (Black and Red) of frankincense with a little added balance of ...

Prinknash Incense - Basilica - loose - 500g

Prinknash Incense - Basilica - loose - 500gCode: C0346  Price: £22.95

Basilica is one of the oldest secret recipes and includes the finest quality frankincense as well as two other incenses and the purest natural oils

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