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Soap, shampoo and Toothpaste - made from natural ingredients

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Faith Aloe Vera Soap - Loose - 100g

Faith Aloe Vera Soap - Loose - 100gCode: GS0131  Price: £1.75

Organic Aloe Vera is blended with aromatherapy oils of Ylang Ylang and Patchouli to create this soothing pure soap. 100% Natural Fragrance

Aloe Dent Aloe Vera Sensitive Toothpaste

Aloe Dent Aloe Vera Sensitive ToothpasteCode: GS0114  Price: £4.95

Our AloeDent Sensitive Toothpaste offers you and your family natural protection for sensitive teeth and sore gums as well as fighting plaque, tartar

Environmental Toothbrush - Bamboo Toothbrush - Medium

Environmental Toothbrush - Bamboo Toothbrush - MediumCode: GS0115  Price: £2.85   £2.09

Made from biodegradable bamboo with medium BPA free bristles, this sustainable and Fair Trade toothbrush is durable and environmentally friendly

Faith Coconut Soap - Loose- 100g

Faith Coconut Soap - Loose- 100gCode: GS0132  Price: £1.75

Made with organic coconut, this pure hand made soap is a little dose of tropical luxury. 100% Natural Fragrance. With Essential Oils

Faith Fragrance Free Shampoo - 400 ml

Faith Fragrance Free Shampoo - 400 mlCode: GS0109  Price: £5.79

This wonderfully simple shampoo gently cleans the hair and scalp without the use of essential oils. Suitable for the whole family and all hair types

Faith Lavender Soap - 100g

Faith Lavender Soap - 100gCode: GS0101  Price: £1.95

Lavender always bring a sense of calm to every day, and this magnificently fragrant pure hand made soap made with organic lavandin will do just that

Faith Seaweed (Unscented) Soap - Loose - 100g

Faith Seaweed (Unscented) Soap - Loose - 100gCode: GS0135  Price: £1.75

Wild harvested Seaweed, rich in minerals and amino acids for extra sensitive skin, makes this gentle unscented soap mild enough even for babies

Tongue Scraper - Copper

Tongue Scraper - CopperCode: GS0136  Price: £2.50

Copper Tounge Cleaner made of 100% pure copper. Copper is naturally anti-microbial & anti-bacterial, and reduces undesirable bacteria in the mouth ...

Weleda Salt Toothpaste - 75 ml

Weleda Salt Toothpaste - 75 mlCode: GS0103  Price: £5.95

This unique toothpaste, with sea salt and gentle mineral abrasive particles, help prevent tooth discolouration and helps reduce the build up of ...

Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap - 75g - Pack of 10 bars

Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap - 75g - Pack of 10 barsCode: GS0129-10  Price: £16.66Sorry, sold out

Chandrika Soap is made with pure vegetable oils such as purified Coconut oil, Sandalwood oil, and Patchouli oil, with moisturising

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Page 1 of 1:    10 Items
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