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Can I wear my rosary beads?

No, rosary beads are prayer beads. They are designed to be held in the hands to help counting the prayers of the rosary prayer.

Cenacle is not responsible for any breakages that may occur as a result of wearing rosary beads - i.e. the beads will not be refunded/replaced.

If you wish to wear our rosary beads you may do so at your own risk. The strongest beads - and this applies to general use also - are corded rosaries and chain rosaries with double-links.

If a rosary is described as a bracelet or necklace, then it is designed to be worn, but as with all jewellery, care should be used.

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My silver medal appears tarnished - what should I do?

Sterling silver can easily become tarnished, due to exposure to air. With medals and chains this can occur particularly where they are not worn regularly, however, lotions and cosmetics, and household products can also tarnish silver. Simply polishing your item works well if tarnishing is not too severe, you can use a special silver cleaning cloth, but you can also use lint-free flannel, microfiber, or other soft nonabrasive cloth.

Commercial silver dips and polishes are available, but should only be used with extreme caution, and only for extremely tarnished silver medals and chains (only a few seconds, or your item will dissolve!). Silver dips and polishes are NOT SUITABLE for oxidised silver, or silver jewellery which is combined with other materials, such as rosary beads. Silver dip is also toxic, so follow manufacturer's instructions. If in doubt, have your jewellery professionally cleaned.

Oxidised silver finish - is a manufacturer applied dark grey tarnish which appears in the recesses of the design. It helps highlight the design.

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