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Recycling Policy

Recycling policy

Update: 2021: We have switched to paper packaging tape, rather than plastic.  We are also offering more plastic-free products, such as plastic-free christmas card packs, making it easier than ever to recycle.

Update: July 2018: We are making further strides in our environmental packaging policy.  We now use corn chips as well as shredded paper for packaging larger items, such as statues.  We are trying to eliminate bubble wrap (we do reuse bubble wrap that arrives at our warehouse, rather than sending to landfill), and are using paper bags rather than plastic wherever possible.  We have also sourced real cellophane bags (plant-based cellulose) for many of our products.

We have also sourced a cardboard rosary/jewellery box, made from recycled kraft paper, which is 100% recyclable - you will see this becoming the default packaging option for such items.

At Cenacle we are committed to reuse and recycling, and to encouraging you to reuse and recycle too! Therefore in 2006 we decided to switch to using Jiffy® padded bags for most of our orders. These environmentally-friendly heavy paper envelopes are filled with macerated recycled paper fibre padding (minimum 72% recycled fibre). In addition, we would encourage you to reuse these excellent bags, as they actually become more protective of the contents with reuse! If you are unable to do this, they can be composted or recycled with cardboard materials at your local recycling centre.

We also make extensive use of cardboard wraps, which can be re-used or recycled in the same way. For larger orders, wherever possible we reuse cardboard boxes and packing materials, keeping plastics to a minimum. For non-UK orders we have to balance the weight of the packaging (cardboard is heavier than plastic!) with the cost of airline fuel (and postage costs!), therefore we may opt to use bubblewrap or lighter filling materials. 

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