Holy Face Devotion

In the School of Jesus

In the School of Jesus
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Author: Rev. Cassian Karg, O.M.Cap.

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A deep interior life, hidden in God, is the most precious thing we have on earth.

"We can never do too much to fill the hearts of men with love for God. God loves each individual soul to such an inexpressible extent, that everyone can attain to a high degree of sanctity, and yet only a few respond to this love. It is not malice that holds them back. They simply do not understand the secret of self-sanctification."

The majority cannot respond because they fail to understand the language of the interior life. The booklet proposes to give an introduction to his language.

Translated from German.

Publisher: MOS
More by this Author: Rev. Cassian Karg, O.M.Cap.
Keywords: General books Spiritual Growth

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