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Cenacle dispatch department is open again after our summer retreat, however staffing issues due to the 'Ping-demic' mean orders may take a little longer to process than expected. Please send any queries by email, we are not able to respond to telephone messages. For more information, visit our Help page.


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The Roman Breviary - in English and Latin (SH1868)Code: SH1868  Price: £198.00


Prayer-Book for Religious (SH1862)
Rev F X LasanceCode: SH1862  Price: £65.00


The Roman Breviary [set of 4 vols] (SH1890)Code: SH1890  Price: £60.00


Saint Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal (SH1809)Code: SH1809  Price: £50.00


The Saint Andrew Daily Missal (SH1706)
Dom Gasper Lefebvre OSBCode: SH1706  Price: £40.00Sorry, sold.

Divine Intimacy (SH1892)

Divine Intimacy (SH1892)
Gabriel of St Mary MagdalenCode: SH1892  Price: £35.00


Breviarium Romano Carmelitanum, Autumnalis (SH1885)Code: SH1885  Price: £20.00

The Roman Martyrology (SH1893)

The Roman Martyrology (SH1893)Code: SH1893  Price: £20.00


The Holy Mass (SH1822)
Dom Prosper GuerangerCode: SH1822  Price: £15.00


The Code of Canon Law (SH1815)
Canon Law SocietyCode: SH1815  Price: £12.50


The Rite of Low Mass (SH1857)
Rev J O'ConnellCode: SH1857  Price: £12.50


The Treasury of the Sacred Heart (SH1902)Code: SH1902  Price: £12.50


The Proper of the Mass (SH1683)
Dom Laurence BevenotCode: SH1683  Price: £12.00


Carmelite Proper of the Liturgy of the Hours (SH1859)
Institutium CarmelitanumCode: SH1859  Price: £10.00


The Book of Psalms in Latin and English (SH1805)
AnonymousCode: SH1805  Price: £10.00Sorry, sold.


The Sacred Actions - My Part (SH1782)
Hubert McEvoyCode: SH1782  Price: £10.00


The Sacred Ceremonies of Low Mass (SH1789)
AnonymousCode: SH1789  Price: £10.00


Matters Liturgical (SH1794)
Rev Joseph WuestCode: SH1794  Price: £8.50


Discalced Carmelite Proper Offices (SH1891)Code: SH1891  Price: £6.50


Way of Perfection for the Laity (SH1874)
Rev Father KevinCode: SH1874  Price: £6.50

The Roman Missal: A Study Text with Excerpts from the New English Translation (SH9988)

The Roman Missal: A Study Text with Excerpts from the New English Translation (SH9988)
Vox Clara CommitteeCode: SH9988  Price: £5.50

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Page 1 of 1:    24 Items
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