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The Key and Other Writings (SH1864)
Jacob BoehmeCode: SH1864  Price: £100.00


A History of the Church, Vols 1, 2 & 3 (SH1852)
Philip HughesCode: SH1852  Price: £50.00

Losing The Sacred (SH1597)

Losing The Sacred (SH1597)
David TorevellCode: SH1597  Price: £50.00

From the Fathers to the Churches (SH1680)

From the Fathers to the Churches (SH1680)Code: SH1680  Price: £35.00


Christian Warfare [Deluxe Edition] (SH1904)Code: SH1904  Price: £25.00


Catholic Traditions (SH1718)
Ann BallCode: SH1718  Price: £15.00


Imitation of Christ (SH1681 )
Thomas a KempisCode: SH1681  Price: £15.00


The Christian Mystery [From Pagan Myth to...] (SH1678)
Louis BouyerCode: SH1678  Price: £15.00


Arise, My Love.Mysticism for a New Era (SH1908)
William JohnstonCode: SH1908  Price: £12.50


Three Religious Rebels: Forefathers of the Trappists (SH1881)
M Raymond OCSOCode: SH1881  Price: £12.50


The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah (SH1280)
EdersheimCode: SH1280  Price: £12.00


Authorized Hebrew Daily Prayer Book (SH1817)Code: SH1817  Price: £10.00


Christ in You (SH1774)
AnonymousCode: SH1774  Price: £10.00


Mystic In Motley (SH1598)
Theodore MaynardCode: SH1598  Price: £10.00


The End and the Beginning (SH1654)
George WeigelCode: SH1654  Price: £10.00


The Way of Divine Love (SH1711)
Sr Josefa MenendezCode: SH1711  Price: £10.00


Cammini di liberta (SH1456)
Camilo MacciseCode: SH1456  Price: £9.50


Men in Sandals (SH1784)
Richard Madden ODCCode: SH1784  Price: £9.50


Moslems (SH1870)
Gabriel Oussani/Hilaire BellocCode: SH1870  Price: £9.50

Race with the Devil (SH1592)

Race with the Devil (SH1592)
Joseph PearceCode: SH1592  Price: £9.50


The Cardijn Story (SH1692)
Michael De La BedoyereCode: SH1692  Price: £9.50


The Path to Rome (SH1807)
Hilaire BellocCode: SH1807  Price: £9.50


Archbishop Derek Worlock. His Personal Journey (SH0447)
John FurnivalCode: SH0447  Price: £9.00


Glastonbury Gleanings (SH0211)
F Vere Hodge MCCode: SH0211  Price: £9.00


Facing God (SH1677)
M C D'Arcy SJCode: SH1677  Price: £8.50


Jesus In His Time (SH1551)
Daniel RopsCode: SH1551  Price: £8.50


Letters on Christian Doctrine - Vol 2 (SH1554)
F M De ZuluetaCode: SH1554  Price: £8.50


Lisheen - or the test of the spirits (SH1377)
SheehanCode: SH1377  Price: £8.50


Oddsfish (SH1269)
R HBensonCode: SH1269  Price: £8.50


Played by Ear (SH1672)
Daniel A Lord SJCode: SH1672  Price: £8.50


Simplicissimus (SH1869)
Carol ByrneCode: SH1869  Price: £8.50


The Internal Mission Of The Holy Ghost (SH1471)
H E ManningCode: SH1471  Price: £8.50


A Letter to Adam (SH1132)
Sue SikkingCode: SH1132  Price: £8.00


Images of God (SH0501)
Leo HollandCode: SH0501  Price: £8.00

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