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Saints of the Catholic Church.

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Le Saint Homme de Tours (SH1867)
Leon AubineauCode: SH1867  Price: £50.00


Spotlight on Padre Pio (SH1849)
Elia StellutoCode: SH1849  Price: £25.00Sorry, sold.


The Unfolding of the Little Flower (SH1821)
William M CunninghamCode: SH1821  Price: £25.00Sorry, sold.


John Paul II, The Pope from Poland (SH1850)
Tadeusz KarolakCode: SH1850  Price: £15.00


St Therese de L'Enfant Jesus 1973 - 1897 (SH1832)
Mgr LaveilleCode: SH1832  Price: £9.50


Butler's Lives of The Saints Vol 1 (SH1900)
Rev Bernard KellyCode: SH1900  Price: £8.50

Second hand
Mother Teresa of Calcutta (SH1848)

Mother Teresa of Calcutta (SH1848)
Sunita KumarCode: SH1848  Price: £8.50


Agenda for the Third Millenium (SH0382)
His Holiness John Paul IICode: SH0382  Price: £8.00


Crossing the Threshold of Hope (SH0272)
His Holiness John Paul IICode: SH0272  Price: £8.00


Pope John Paul II - Memory & Identity (SH0505)
John Paul IICode: SH0505  Price: £8.00


Saints (SH1193)
Lord LongfordCode: SH1193  Price: £8.00


Crossing the Threshold of Hope (SH1484)
His Holiness John Paul IICode: SH1484  Price: £7.50Sorry, sold.


Crossing the Threshold of Hope (SH1607)
John Paul XllCode: SH1607  Price: £7.50Sorry, sold.


Francois de Sales (SH0361)
Michael de la BedoyereCode: SH0361  Price: £7.50


Saints and Ourselves (SH0007)
Philip Caraman SJCode: SH0007  Price: £7.50


Saints and Ourselves (SH0034)
ed Philip CaramanCode: SH0034  Price: £7.50


John XXIII (SH0459)
Leone AlgisiCode: SH0459  Price: £6.50


Pope John XXIII (SH1540)
Paul JohnsonCode: SH1540  Price: £6.50


Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way (SH1604)
Pope John Paul IICode: SH1604  Price: £6.50


Saints and Ourselves (SH0432)
Ed by Philip J Caraman SJCode: SH0432  Price: £6.50


The Great Teresa (SH1488-2)
Elizabeth HamiltonCode: SH1488-2  Price: £6.50


Two Portraits Of St. Teresa Of Lisieux (SH1476)
Etienne RoboCode: SH1476  Price: £6.50


A Simple Path [Mother Teresa} (SH1803)Code: SH1803  Price: £3.50


His Holiness Pope John Paul ii (SH0442)
Joan Collins MACode: SH0442  Price: £2.50

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Page 1 of 1:    28 Items
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