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Leaflet: How to Pray the Rosary

Leaflet: How to Pray the Rosary
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ISBN:  9781592760329
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The Rosary's rich simplicity has provided solace and courage in rocky times for centuries. Now, as new generations of Catholics face war, economic uncertainty, and moral upheaval, the Rosary is needed as much as ever.

As interest in this beautiful devotion continues to rise, this pamphlet can be used as an introduction to, or reinforcement of, the power of the Rosary. This attractive and concise guide will instruct and inspire Catholics in the gentle rhythms and fervent hope of the Rosary. Each set of mysteries, including the new Luminous Mysteries, is accompanied by the Scripture passages from which these thoughtful meditations are drawn. The reverse side of this pamphlet features a step-by-step guide to saying the Rosary, with the full text of each prayer. A description of the historical origins of the Rosary introduces this helpful illustration.

Publisher: OSV
ISBN: 9781592760329
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