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Liber Usualis

Liber Usualis
 Liber UsualisLiber Usualis 
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Gregorian Chant for every Mass of the year. The Liber Usualis is a must for any choir or schola member wanting to sing the Gregorian Chant of the Traditional Latin Mass. It has the complete Latin settings of Gregorian Chant for every Mass of the year (Sundays, Solemnities, Commons and Feasts). It also has the complete music for Nuptial Masses, Requiem Masses, Holy Week, and Ordination. Additionally it provides much of the Gregorian Chant to be sung in Latin for the Divine Office (Vespers, Compline, etc.), as well as many other traditional Latin chants and hymns (Litanies, Benediction, etc.) This book is a must for any person wanting to sing for the Tridentine Latin Mass. Contains all the Little Hours of the Divine Office, tone for the Gloria Patri and all the eight tones of the Psalms. In addition to the propers found in the universal Latin-only edition, the 1963 Liber Usualis supplies an appendix providing the Proper Feasts observed in the USA. Brand-new quality reprint with sturdy hardback binding, and bible-paper, making this edition more compact than others. Red edged pages and six coloured ribbon markers. 1963 Edition, Desclee No. 801, with Latin-English introduction (instruction and rubrics).

Publisher: PCP
Keywords: Traditional Catholic, Tridentine, Latin Mass, Liber Usualis 1962 Tradition books Hymns and Gregorian Chant

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