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Roman Martyrology - Red hardbound

Roman Martyrology - Red hardbound
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Publisher:  Angelus Press
Format:  Hardcover
Pages:  431



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The Roman Martyrology ("In which are to be found the eulogies of the Saints and Blessed approved by the Sacred Congregation of Rites up to 1961) is an essential part of the Roman Liturgy, specifically during the Office of Prime, when its daily readings are chanted. Although the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church liturgically recognizes MANY Saints, but the VAST majority of those are only recognized in The Martyrology. There is no Mass or commemoration for 90% (roughly estimating) of these heroes of the Faith. The Martyrology has 5 to 20 Saints commemorated every day. And even The Martyrology is by no means a complete list of every saint (on average there are 30 saints that could be commemorated every day!), but it is the complete collection of all the saints celebrated liturgically in the Roman Rite. An entry may range from nothing more than a few words to a paragraph relating, for example, the significant acts of the Saint and his manner of martyrdom, if applicable. Another important thing to note is that The Martyrology is not just a compilation of martyred saints, but of all the saints liturgically venerated by the Church. Translated from the official Latin texts and adhering to the 1962 liturgical calendar, with The Roman Martyrology you can follow the annual liturgical life of the Church as she splendidly recounts the feasts of Our Lord and Lady, the martyrs and other members of the Church Triumphant. Beneficial for all Catholics, especially Third Order members who recite the Divine Office daily. An essential part of the daily office of Prime, fascinating daily reading, and the ultimate baby name book! Imprimatur 1962. Cloth hardcover, sewn binding, indexed.

Publisher: Angelus Press
Pages: 431
Keywords: Tradition books Liturgy of the Hours (Traditional)

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