Holy Face Devotion


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Author: Rev. P.J. Michel

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ISBN:  9781622823673
Publisher:  Sophia
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  112



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Where they Come From, What They Mean, and How to Defeat Them.

This modest book is by Fr. P.J. Michel, S.J., a savvy professor of theology whose wisdom and common sense have been forged not only in the classroom, but by decades of ardent prayer and service to penitent souls in the confessional. Here he explains where your temptations come from and helps rid you of them (and of your fear of them). He teaches you how to best respond to the different kinds of temptations that assail you, and he even shows you how to profit spiritually from your temptations, no matter how strong or frequent they may be!

Publisher: Sophia
Pages: 112
ISBN: 9781622823673
More by this Author: Rev. P.J. Michel
Keywords: General books Spiritual Growth

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