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The Catholic Family - Vol III - The Family

The Catholic Family - Vol III - The Family
 The Catholic Family - Vol III - The FamilyThe Catholic Family - Vol III - The Family 
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Author: Fr Patrick Troadec

Product Code:  B3266
ISBN:  9781949124842
Publisher:  Angelus Press
Format  Paperback
Pages  129



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The Family: Creating a Happy, Holy, and Strong Family Bond

There is no more beautiful model to encourage spouses and parents in their magnificent mission than the Holy Family. God, knowing that we need examples in life, wished to give everyone in the Holy Family an unsurpassable, admirable, and yet mostly imitable model. -Fr. Troadec Chapter One

"In order to educate a child, it is necessary to know him, that is, to discern both his weak points and his strong points."- Fr. Patrick Troadec

The family is the foundation of a functional civilization, but in today's atheistic and expressly anti-Catholic world society actively seeks to dismantle family life. Vol. II of this series on the family, focuses on the education, discipline, nurturing and ultimately the forming of young Catholic souls.

An essential read for all parents and future parents.

Now more than ever the core of the Catholic family is under attack. We must do all that we can to remove the destructive influence of the world from our homes while striving to instill joy in each member of the family, working together with love in Christ through the Faith.

In the Vespers hymn of the feast of the Holy Family, we read, "All the virtues flowered by grace in your home. Oh! Make our families reproduce these virtues in their life." That is what Christian parents should ask of the Holy Family: for the virtues they practiced to be honored in their homes as well."

-Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (Troadec, Catholic Family Vol III.)

Topics explored and explained in Book III of the Troadec series:

  • The Holy Family, A Model to Imitate, God's Place in the Family
  • Life of Prayer and Sacramental Life, The Eucharist, The Soul of Family Life
  • The Influence of the Eucharist on Persons, The Effects of the Eucharist on the Family
  • The Eucharist, A Tie with Our Deceased Loved Ones, The Eucharist and Vocations
  • Must We Prefer Poverty to Wealth? The Condition of Poverty, The Condition of Wealth
  • The Audiovisual Universe, The Harmful Effects of the Audiovisual Universe
  • The Internet and Its Dangers,, The Harmful Effects of the Internet
  • A Pure Life, A Historical Overview of the Current Decadence
  • Fashion and Modesty, Masculine and Feminine Clothing, Wearing a Veil in Church
  • Introduction to the Laws of Life, The Ramparts of Chastity, Weapons of Chastity, Mortification
  • The Catholic Family: A Climate of Charity, Living Together,
  • Strengthening Family Unity, Focusing on What Unites, Developing a Joyful Atmosphere, Charitable Words,

Publisher: Angelus Press
Pages: 129
ISBN: 9781949124842
More by this Author: Fr Patrick Troadec
Keywords: General books Marriage and Parenting

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